ISM® Corporate Program Case Studies

As stewards of the profession and the first professional association for supply chain professionals, ISM’s “why” is to advance the practice of supply management to drive value and competitive advantage, and contribute to a prosperous, sustainable world.

Through education, certifications and so much more, we guide organizations’ supply chain and procurement growth and evolution. From the C-suite to the newest hire, ISM offers a connected set of solutions. Our partners’ success is what we value most.

Below, Corporate Program partners detail their transformation journeys — and how ISM services have been an indispensable part of their success stories.

In addition, explore the lessons learned in the ISM Master Class Series: Talent Management Strategy. Learn how supply chain leaders along with their partnership with ISM® provide their organizations with the tools to success.


Unlocking Organizational Potential: How Marmon Rail is Transforming its Supply Chain with ISM and CAPS Research

As a subsidiary of Marmon Holdings, a Berkshire Hathaway company, Marmon Rail offers trusted expertise and innovative full-service rail solutions. Marmon Rail’s extensive operations include railcar repair and maintenance, manufacturing, and leasing specifically for chemical, oil and gas, and agricultural products.

Click below to learn how Kevin Alexander, Vice President of Supply Chain for Marmon Rail, uses the resources from ISM and CAPS Research to build a highly competent supply chain team, creating a competitive edge for Marmon Rail.

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Genpact Partners with ISM to Strengthen Its Global Procurement Team

Genpact is a global professional services firm that delivers digital-led innovation and runs digitally enabled intelligent operations for clients. Its clients, many in the Fortune 500, partner with Genpact for its unique ability to combine deep industry and functional expertise in such areas as finance and accounting, supply chain management, procurement, and technology.

Learn how Genpact turned to the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) to better understand the language of sourcing and build a shared understanding across the organization using their Corporate Program membership as well as the eLearning library of content.

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Gaining a Procurement Advantage: How ATI is Building a Future-Ready Procurement Team with ISM

ATI Inc. is a leading global specialty materials producer specializing in manufacturing high-performance materials and advanced alloys. With more than 6,000 employees across nearly 20 locations in Europe and Asia, and more than 30 in the United States, ATI provides high performance materials and solutions for the global aerospace and defense markets, and critical applications in electronics, medical and specialty energy. 

Learn more about how McCaig and others at ATI are using ISM resources as well as CAPS Research data to advance their vision, mission, and strategies to build a more mature procurement organization.  

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Wesco & ISM®: A Learning Mindset

Managing a supply and operation team of 5,000, Wesco Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, Hemant Porwal, leads his team with a commitment to employee development, creating a strong foundation for teams to grow while fostering a learning culture. Why? 

In today’s business world, ensuring your team has the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed is more important than ever. The desire to develop a learning culture was a catalyst for engaging the Wesco supply chain team with ISM’s Corporate Program. Committed to employee development, investment in talent is an investment in the future of not only the company, but also the employees.

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FedEx: Redefining Sourcing and Procurement Through Training and Core Skill Development

With its fleet of more than 210,000 vehi­cles and 696 aircraft, FedEx handles more than 16 million shipments per day to 220+ countries and territories around the globe, connecting 99 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.  In 2013, the global delivery giant began a transformation into a more centralized world-class Sourcing and Procurement organization. The goal was to develop an organization to champion a “shift from a tactical focus to a deep understand­ing, planning, and execution of holistic category management”,  says Quincy McGlown, Director of Sourcing at FedEx Services.  Read more to learn how FedEx developed a vision and to build a world-class Sourcing and Procurement organization.

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Dematic’s Transformation Journey: Procurement as a Strategic Asset

As the largest global provider of warehouse automaton solutions and the second largest provider of supply chain solutions and materials handling systems, Dematic Corporation has experienced explosive growth and transformation of its procurement organization. Click below to learn how Dematic’s leaders, Wanda Jackson-Davis, Senior Vice President, Procurement, and Stephanie Williams, Senior Director, Global Procurement, are transforming the procurement function as a strategic asset and embracing new opportunities. 

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Procurement at U.S. Steel- A True ‘Learning Organization’

United States Steel Corporation’s procurement group oversees over US $12.5 billion in annual spend with 85 employees, demonstrat­ing an enviable FTE-to-spend ratio. Led by vice president and CPO John Foody, Jr., learn how Mr. Foody has led his organization to achieve this goal, the value delivered and the mindset of a learning organization.

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How Zimmer Biomet Drives Value with ISM Corporate Programs

In a recent interview with Zimmer Biomet’s Vice President of Global Sourcing, Howard Levy, we learned the personal story of how his professional development has morphed from “Me to We”, thus creating the mindset required to drive organization and team development and growth.  Follow along as Levy explains how Zimmer Biomet continuously grows talent to the next level of skills in sourcing and supply chain and how the company utilizes the ISM Corporate Program to develop all team members regardless of career stage.

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How ADM is Transforming Procurement

In recent years, ADM’s procurement function has leveraged technology to accelerate its digital transformation and create new capabilities to drive greater agility and growth. In the process, the team has evolved from a corporate-ser­vice function to a business-critical team.  Learn how their partnership with ISM guided this transformation, how ISM helped to “professionalize the function”. -Joe Canaday, Vice President ADM procurement center of excellence (CoE).

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How Carnival Cruise Lines Builds Management Expertise

In a recent interview with Norbert Dean, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain and Site Services for Carnival Cruise Line, we learned how the organization has used ISM for everyday solutions. Read how both experienced and new supply management profes­sionals use the ISM® Supply Chain Assessment to gauge their specific strengths and gaps.

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An ‘Evolution Journey’ for DuPont’s Global Procurement

DuPont’s global procurement oversees the sourcing and delivery of more than US$10 billion worth of goods and services. Follow along as Miguel Gonzalez, CPO, DuPont discusses the company’s “evolution journey” in creating a strategic organization, focused on #enabling partners. Learn how ISM provided an “ecosystem of interconnected solutions”.

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Hear Supply Management Leaders Talk Talent

Talent Management Strategy for the Supply Chain is a master class series showcasing challenges, solutions and leadership surrounding talent management today.

Learn from senior supply management leaders as they converse with one another, sharing their talent and transformation thought leadership and journey, from present-day challenges to long-term winning solutions. Listen to leaders from ADM, DuPont, Zimmer Biomet, Carnival, Sales Force and more.

To view the ISM Master Class Series, click here.