AI Integration: Need, Want or Hype?

Artificial intelligence has come to industries and supply chains, but how companies implement the technology will be the difference between value generation versus using it ‘for the sake of using it.’

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This issue of Inside Supply Management® delves into managing supply chain risk and prioritizing agility. The cover article discusses how integrating artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to value generation. Also read about the power of cross-collaboration, the intersection between logistics and X-shoring, and how the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) is shaping supply chain resilience.

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Despite enthusiasm about AI and Industry 4.0,

reluctance can be an indelible adversary.

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Logistics Transformation Targets People and Technologies

June 10, 2024

Transportation, freight and logistics companies have had to manage myriad disruptions over the past few years, from labor issues, challenges in delivery and supply, the coronavirus pandemic, new technologies, and changing consumer and customer preferences.

At last month’s Supply Chain USA 2024 event in Atlanta, two freight companies talked about transformation in the logistics space.

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Being certified by ISM, whether it's a CPSM or CPSD, is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Those four letters after your name carry a lot of weight in the global supply management field because ISM certification has been respected as the foundational benchmark by the profession for nearly 40 years.

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    This course has been designed for Certified Professional in Supply Management®  (CPSM®) designation holders who would like to assist others as they prepare for their CPSM exams. This course will cover best practices in the educational and association fields, including ISM's vision for the CPSM, adult learning theory, ADDIE Model, Engaging and motivating learners, updates to exam specifications and candidate courseware. Upon completion, instructors are granted a qualification status demonstrating they have made the commitment of excellence. Eligible instructors must have a current CPSM certification. Instructors will also receive the CPSM 2018 Instructor Courseware to deliver their own workshops. This course is worth 10 CEH's.

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    The importance of supply chain sustainability has been growing in recent years with consumers increasingly prioritizing environmental, social and governance  (ESG) responsibilities. In response, companies are recognizing the benefits of sustainable practices for their bottom line. A sustainable supply chain can help companies maximize value by reducing costs, improving their reputation, and building stronger relationships with suppliers and customers.
    Sustainability has become a critical issue for the global supply chain, as companies look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and ensure long-term economic viability. From green procurement and sustainable packaging to energy efficiency and waste reduction, there are many ways that companies can address sustainability in their supply chain. As the world continues to prioritize sustainability, it will be interesting to see how the global supply chain evolves and embraces sustainable practices.

    To help procurement professionals address this goal, we will examine current case studies from around the world to learn how organizations are driving sustainable procurement.
    Enroll in this course, and you will walk away with a roadmap to drive sustainable procurement in your organization.

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    This session will cover positioning your supply chain operations to quickly adjust to the dynamic forces surrounding supply chain, procurement, and logistics. Strategizing through today’s market and economic ups and downs are key to staying competitive – assessing realignment and redefining it.


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