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Discover Key Insights at the Executive Series Webinars and ISM World ExecIn Events Exclusively for Supply Chain Leaders 

The ISM Corporate Program provides content for all audiences within the supply chain organization including topics and events specifically designed for senior leaders. Procurement leaders need tools to help them navigate the ever-shifting supply chain landscape. Anticipating and mitigating challenges can be the difference between success and stumbling.  

That's why ISM provides valuable resources designed to arm leaders with the insights they need to develop successful strategies for their organizations. We listen to our executive members and respond by providing relevant content that not only helps to solve challenges, but drives engagement. These are excellent opportunities to network with your peers and work together to solve supply chain challenges. Below are some of the resources ISM offers for supply chain leaders to bring greater value to their organizations and set their teams up for success.

Corporate Program Member Executive Quarterly Economic Webinars

Following the success of Dr. Anirban Basu's engaging presentation and discussion at the ISM World 2023 ExecIn event, we're thrilled to introduce the new ISM Corporate Program Exclusive Webinar Series, featuring Dr. Basu. The dynamic Chairman & and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc. will lead the exploration of current economic indicators and provide an insightful forecast that unveils critical risks. These data-driven insights are essential for senior supply chain leaders and executives seeking to steer their organizations strategically. 

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Member-Only Quarterly State of Risk Webinars

ISM's Quarterly State of Risk Update on-demand webinars are open to all ISM members but are of particular interest to supply chain leaders as they delve into the latest and emerging risks and disruptions that are shaping global supply chain strategies. This isn't just another webinar; it's a direct link to insights that empower leaders to make informed decisions. Led by ISM CEO Tom Derry and Resilinc CEO Bindiya Vakil, these sessions offer a comprehensive overview of the supply chain landscape, backed by data and research from both organizations.

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Corporate Program Member Quarterly Geopolitical Executive Briefing

Global supply chains are facing unprecedented geopolitical challenges that demand strategic foresight and adaptability. We are excited to introduce a new Quarterly Geopolitical Executive Briefing to our webinar series to help leaders navigate these complexities presented by John Hughes and Kristin Bahnsen, Partners at Dentons Global Advisors, an advisory firm providing informed insights, world-class strategies, candid advice, and results-oriented execution to business leaders worldwide.

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ISM World ExecIn Events

This exclusive, invite-only event is held within the ISM World annual conference. Created specifically to provide actionable content curated for senior-level executives, ExecIn is an educational and networking event you won’t want to miss. To attend, you must be registered for the ISM World conference, and VP level or higher for a company with $500M+ in revenue. Corporate Program Membership is not required for this event.



Exclusive Invitation for Supply Chain Executives  

These leadership webinars and ExecIn events are designed for executives who want to gain strategies for growth while minimizing their supply chain costs and risk. Once invited, leaders are encouraged to bring a next-level leader from their organization with them. Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to connect with your fellow supply management leaders. Fill out the form below and someone will reach out to help you land a spot on our invitation list.