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Our weekly "Member Monday" email gives ISM Members exclusive access to industry tools, templates, and information to help them manage the day-to-day responsibilities of their career. Look below to see our complete library of exclusive ISM member-only tools, templates and documents. These member resources are designed to help make your life as a supply management professional more efficient and productive.

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Human Rights Policies

Member Only

The human rights policies template can help you create a human rights policy, as may be asked to develop one for your supply management organization or to assist your suppliers in developing their own.

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Supply Chain Special Report: ESG Laws

Member Only

Created by Resilinc's Risk Analysis Team, this special report highlights the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the impact of the Act on Europe, and potential solutions.

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ISM 2022 Economic Outlook Data Report

Member Only

This member-exclusive data report provides survey questions and findings from ISM’s 2022 Economic Outlook.

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Special Report from Resilinc: Regional Risk: Russia

Member Only

This special report delves into the background of the Russia-Ukraine war and presents potential impacts across the supply chain. It also contains a planning scenario section.

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Prioritizing and Preparing for Supplier Risk

Member Only

With the ambiguity surrounding supply chains, organizations must deal with and adapt to challenges and risks. This member-only resource outlines a risk resiliency plan using a five-step methodology to help plan for and mitigate risks.

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Member Only

This ISM member-only template contains good basic terms and conditions which can operate as a starting point for your business.

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ISM members have exclusive access to an array of supply management tools, templates and resources, as well as a variety of legal templates, all in one convenient library.

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Resilinc helps companies re-imagine supply chain risk. Exclusive for ISM members, Resilinc is offering its EventWatch weekly email subscription for free. Each week receive timely information and updates on events that may impact your supply chain, all delivered via an easy-to-read and convenient weekly email. Through EventWatch, supply chain pros can gain greater visibility into potential supply chain disruptions and work to mitigate risk faster.


ProPurchaser analyzes marketplace prices and trends to provide supply management professionals personalized, up-to-the-minute information that can be used in the negotiation process to maximize the value of money spent on goods & services. Members receive a free 60-day trial.



TriSearch, an international full-service talent acquisition company, offers a member-only discount on an array of career transition services including: career coaching, LinkedIn assessments, job search strategy, leadership skills development, and more. Career transition services are customized, individually focused, flexible and enable employees to land faster in a new job. Members receive a free 15-minute consultation.