Unlocking a Sustainable Supply Chain with Kloopify

Driving Positive Change for Your Organization and The Planet

At ISM, we understand the importance of sustainability in today's supply chain landscape. 300x300 Kloopify circle.pngThat's why we're excited to announce a strategic alliance with Kloopify, a leading platform that enables businesses to measure and manage their environmental impact with precision and efficiency.

Kloopify offers a revolutionary approach to sustainable procurement, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the largest database of environmental product data to provide fast, accurate, and actionable insights. With Kloopify, you can unlock the full potential of your supply chain and drive positive change for your business and the planet. 

Kloopify represents a paradigm shift in sustainable procurement, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges faced by modern supply chain organizations. At the heart of Kloopify's approach lies its ability to analyze every transaction's environmental footprint and integrate supplier-specific data into procurement processes. This granular analysis allows businesses to gain a deep understanding of their supply chain's sustainability performance, from energy procurement to product purchases it all gets analyzed. 

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Why Kloopify?

Through its innovative AI-powered technology, Kloopify provides actionable insights, enabling businesses to optimize their procurement processes and minimize their environmental footprint without sacrificing price, quality, and delivery.  

How Does It Work?

By analyzing every purchase's environmental footprint and integrating material and supplier-specific data, Kloopify offers affordable, auditable, and granular analysis for your global supply chain. You can track Scope 3 environmental impacts comprehensively, from energy procurement to purchases down to the SKU level. 

Is It Customizable?

With personalized dashboards and reporting tools, businesses can tailor their analytics to focus on the metrics that matter most to their sustainability goals. 

ESG data currently resides in unconnected software apps and spreadsheets. Approximately 60% of finance executives consider data quality and access as top reporting challenges” Source: Deloitte ESG Frameworks | Deloitte ESG Reportingkloopify-infographic-img.jpg

Kloopify Benefits

  • Drive Impact Reductions: By implementing sustainability into procurement operations, businesses can mitigate climate risk and avoid potential damages, safeguarding their reputation and financial stability.  
  • Increased Revenue: Sustainable businesses consistently outperform their peers in profitability metrics, giving businesses a competitive edge and driving long-term growth.  
  • Supported Workforce: Kloopify provides procurement solutions tailored to your commodities, empowering procurement professionals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to drive positive change within their organizations. 
  • Improved Supply Management: By integrating environmental performance data into the procurement process, Kloopify enhances supplier relationship management and enables businesses to make informed decisions that drive sustainability initiatives without sacrificing key KPIs. 

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