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Leading the Way in Providing Knowledge on the Topics that Matter Most in Supply Management

ISM’s research team – guided by industry-leading supply management subject matter experts –puts forth year after year a robust research agenda on the topics that most impact our industry. From CAPS research to the ISM Report on Business® to the anticipated annual salary survey, our goal is to lead the way in research that keeps our members ahead of the curve on topics and trends that impact them and their organizations.


Unlocking Supply Chain Potential: Insights from ISM®’s 2023 Data and Analytics Survey

The landscape of data and analytics within supply chain management is continuously evolving, driven by innovative professionals, new technologies and the heightened reality of its pivotal role in optimizing operations in the face of global challenges and change

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Is Digital Transformation Working?

ISM®, in partnership with GEP, developed this white paper to illuminate how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted procurement operations and supply chains. Another goal: understand the implications for ongoing digital transformation. Did companies who were already heavily invested in a digital strategy do better than those who had yet to start?

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Sustainability: The Must Have Strategic Initiative

Sustainability is a growing topic of action, not just discussion, across continents and industries around the world. Recognizing the increased prioritization of sustainability as a strategic business initiative across all business sectors and political territories, ISM® launched a survey of supply management professionals around sustainability.

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COVID-19’s Global Impact on Supply Chains

Download COVID-19’s Global Impact on Supply Chains, the fourth round of research about the impacts of the pandemic on supply chains. Though supply management organizations are feeling bullish about 2021 with anticipated increases in revenue, CAPEX and demand, there are areas of concern around risk to suppliers, shipping delays and remote work challenges.

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Partnering for Success: Supply Chain & Fleet Management

Fleet management as an industry is expected to nearly double in size by 2025. This white paper analyzes the relationship between procurement and fleet management functions, which includes our mid-2019 survey and follow-up interviews with industry experts. Learn about how the cooperation between these functions is getting closer.

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COVID-19 and Supply Chains: Increasing Impacts, Decreasing Revenues

This white paper covers the latest research on the impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus in China on the supply chain as well as reactions from thought leaders and practitioners with recommendations on what to do to curb the impact to your organization.

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Supply Management’s Role in Curtailing the Coronavirus Impact

This white paper covers the first round of research studying the impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus in China on the supply chain. It also includes reactions from thought leaders and practitioners with recommendations on what to do to curb the impact on your organization.

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Source-To-Pay Transformation With AI and RPA

Implementing these tools can enable supply management organizations to build efficiencies, capability, productivity and value while freeing up employees for more strategic work.

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A Supply Management View Of Sustainability

The ISM® Research Team, in partnership with Boise Paper, developed a white paper researching sustainability being a driving force for decision-making and business strategy. This white paper focuses on the following key topic areas.

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High Inflation: Uncharted Waters for Supply Management

Download this complimentary white paper discussing the proactive approach supply management professionals can take to help weather the storm of inflation.

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How Does Your Salary Measure Up?

 Access our most recent salary survey data. 

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Available on the first and third business day of each month, these widely-read reports for the manufacturing and services sectors have been consistently accurate in indicating the direction of the overall economy. ISM's first industry vertical, the Hospital Report On Business® will be available on the fifth business day of each month.

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