Capability Models and Assessments

Identify Your Organization’s Strengths & Skill Gaps

Capability Models and Assessments

Do you have a clear understanding of the organizational maturity or individual talent capabilities of your supply management organization? Is your team prepared for rapidly changing supply chain and business environments?

Institute for Supply Management®’s (ISM®) Capability Models and Assessments are created in collaboration with leading global supply management practitioners. These data-driven assessments are used to generate a complete, real-time pictures of organizational maturity and individual talent capabilities.

Organizational maturity assessments determine the overall capability of the supply management organization, as measured by employees and/or associated stakeholders. Individual talent capability assessments enable employees to gauge their existing knowledge, skills and abilities (based on current or past roles) in supply management.

Aligned to specific functional areas and job roles, this powerful data gives organizations: 

  • Visibility of current maturity levels to identify strategic process investments
  • The ability to create capability improvement strategies and employee development programs      
  • Access to data driven insight on individual skills, knowledge and abilities across supply management competencies.     

ISM’s Capability Models and Assessments help organizations create career development and organizational maturity roadmaps, enabling growth and providing opportunities to impact bottom-line costs and top-line revenues.

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  • • How organizations can customize their own benchmarks based on their expectations
  • • How granular data can be used by individual and organization to create strategic talent plans.

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Explore ISM Capability Models and Assessments

Supply Chain

Is your talent keeping pace with the warp speed growth of supply chain?

These assessments consist of a comprehensive set of supply chain competencies, measuring talent capability and organization maturity. This data driven approach provides real time results to guide organizations in building talent and capability road maps.

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Strategic Sourcing

Is your team optimizing existing suppliers and discovering new suppliers? Do they have the advanced capabilities and talent to do so?  

This assessment measures the overall strategic sourcing capabilities of your organization and your employees.  With data driven, real time results, assessments provide leaders with the ability to create capability improvement strategies and employee development programs, delivering strategic value across the company. Gain insight into how your teams understands core strategic source principals including but not limited to Spend Management, Source Process, Valued Strategic Partner and more.

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Data & Analytics

Is your team adept with integrating data and analytics into supply chain processes to drive organizational goals? 

Assessments are a strategic tool to enable a supply management organizations ability to deepen its analytical capability. Assessments identify a baseline of data and analytic capabilities for both your talent and your organization.

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How equipped is your team to handle growing ESG demands? 

Sustainability assessments are a strategic tool to support your ESG initiatives. Using a data driven approach, these assessements identify a baseline of sustainability capabilities for both your talent and your organization.

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What does it take to lead a team, or an organization?

The ISM Leadership assessment defines unique principles and practices to lead an organization, and its employees, to success.

This assessment provides leaders with a comprehensive approach to assess their current capabilities and identify growth.

As leaders are tasked with managing complex and dynamic business environments while balancing the need to create a rewarding workplace, this skill set is critical to organizational success and growth.

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Soft Skills

Does your team have the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace? 

Soft Skills are the interpersonal attributes an individual possesses that give them the ability to work and relate to others.  Such skills enable employees to work positively and effectively with the challenges of their professional life.

Learn more about how the ISM soft skill assessment provides a comprehensive approach to identify the current state of capabilities.

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Today’s Talent Challenges

  • 89%

    of HR leaders who say they do not have a strong bench to fill leadership roles
  • 73%

    of Supply Chain leaders don’t believe their function has the talent needed to meet current performance requirements
  • 74%

    of employees say they are not reaching their full potential due to lack of professional development opportunities

The Advance™ Digital Platform Powered by ISM

The intuitive and easy-to-use, patent pending platform provides administrators, managers, and employees their own dashboards and reporting. Centralized assessment set-up by your organization allows you to set targets for each competency based on the professional benchmark or a target aligned to your organizational priorities. Participants may receive their results are available as soon as they complete the and dashboards based on user roles give your team data and insights at their fingertips.

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Today’s talent challenges need solutions.
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