Unlock Success: ISM's Three-Step Roadmap to Transformation  

Assess > Plan > Develop for Supply Chain Organizational Transformation 

Supply chain leaders face unprecedented challenges, from geopolitical threats to climate change. It’s time to transform your organization with ISM, the trusted partner for supply chain leaders for over a century. Join other companies partnering with ISM for a comprehensive approach and suite of resources for supply chain organizational transformation. Embark on the journey with ISM's three-step roadmap: Assess your team, plan strategically, and develop with the industry's best-in-class education for supply chain organizational success. 

“Having the skilled headcount in your procurement organization yields an average ROI of 680% based on salary and benefit costs”

- CAPS Research, 2023 Metrics of Supply Management Annual Report


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Move through a 360-degree approach to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage with ISM's support and experience.

ISM provides a strategic pathway for organizations at any stage of their transformation journey.


Measuring Your Team and Organization


  • Assessments - Benchmark Your Team Skills and Organizational Maturity 
    Understand your team's strengths as well as skill gaps with ISM's comprehensive Assessments. Benchmark against industry standards to identify areas for improvement. 

  • CAPS Research - Benchmarking to Measure Your Company Against Other Organizations 
    Leverage CAPS Research for benchmarking data, comparing your company against others to optimize your competitive advantage. 


Using Tools/Information to Make a Strategic Plan


  • Research
    Access valuable insights with ISM's research on geopolitical risks, economy, sustainability, diversity, salaries and more to make strategic decisions for your supply chain organization. 

  • Benchmarking
    Utilize CAPS Metrics of Supply Management and other industry research for benchmarking to maximize ROI or determine if adjustments are needed. 

  • Playbooks
    Craft personalized development plans with playbooks tailored to your team's needs. 

  • Executive Content
    Engage with peers and thought leaders through executive content discussing economic trends and quarterly state-of-risk updates. 


Education to Support Your Development Plans


  • Certification
    Build a strong foundation, establishing a common language across your organization. 

  • In-person or Virtual Classroom Training
    Tailor your team's training with classroom options that align with your organizational goals. 

  • eLearning Catalog
    Utilize self-paced learning options supporting specific skill development. 

  • Skill-Based Certificates
    Validate expertise and contribute to your team's overall development. 

  • ISM World Conference
    Network with peers and learn about the latest developments in the supply chain profession.