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Upcoming Supply Chain Webinars

  • August



    Join our distinguished panel of Procurement experts to discuss the key themes and insights from the new book, “Cognitive Procurement: Discover How to Embark on Your AI Journey”, co-authored by Robert Handfield, the professor of Supply Chain Management at North Carolina State University. Join in the conversation and grab your complimentary copy of the book upon attending the webinar.

  • Anytime

    Servicization of business offerings have increased choices and opportunities for buyers but have also challenged their skillset. Whether it is procurement of emerging technologies like cloud based software and data science services or buying through leasing, financing and rental models or sourcing novel solutions from start-ups, the success of service increasingly lies on how well the proof-of-concept or pilot run was conducted, lacunae identified and risks assessed before full-fledged implementation. It applies to both strategic and tactical purchases. This session will share rules of thumb on how to get it right based on our own experience of buying and implementing new services across a range of categories like IT, supplier financing and cargo vehicles.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Upon completion, participant will be able to list steps to follow to plan a successful proof-of-concept.
    • Upon completion, participant will be able to define skills required for buying emerging technologies and novel solutions & services and become more confident of doing first-time-ever deals for the organization.
    • Upon completion, participant will be able to describe importance of customer-centricity and cross-functional skills as pillars of growth in future.
  • Anytime

    Member Only

    Avoid Surprises & Pain of Non-Compliance

    When the topic of compliance is mentioned, many people think of health & safety, Sarbanes Oxley and conflict minerals. Compliance programs encompass so much more and are created to keep organizations out of hot water. If you haven’t had any compliance issues, is it because your program is good, or are you just lucky? This session will help answer that question, and give you tips to ensure you stay on the side of complete compliance, no matter what changes in the business environment.

    Topics include:

    • Key components of a comprehensive and robust compliance program
    • Areas to consider above basic compliance.
    • Examples of companies who let down their guard on compliance.
    • Range of potential impacts from non-compliance

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