Research & Benchmarking

ISM Research: Almost a Century of Supply Management Reporting

Research & Benchmarking

For almost a century, ISM Research has given our members a critical edge by providing original research that helps generate positive outcomes for them, their organizations, and the professional community at large.

With unparalleled methods, reputation for accuracy, and a mission to deliver high-quality research without bias, our research stands apart from other supply-focused research organizations. It is widely recognized within our industry as the supply management standard for quality data and benchmarking.

ISM offers several valuable supply management data, including, ISM® Report on Business®, research and surveys as well as white papers and informational videos and webinars discussing research outcomes.

Industry Leading Reports, Research, Surveys and Expert Views

ISM Report On Business®

The ISM® Report On Business®, Manufacturing PMI® and Services PMI, are two of the most reliable economic indicators available, providing guidance to supply management professionals, economists, analysts, and government and business leaders.

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Research & Surveys

ISM conducts additional research and surveys that are valuable to our members and the industry at large. This research focuses on trending topics and content that is of most value to our members.

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Special Reports

ISM publishes a series of special reports on the most critical topics impacting our industry. Additionally, we incorporate a collection of expert views from all industries across supply management providing real-world context and best practices in reaction to the survey results.

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Let ISM Be Your Research Arm

Beyond our portfolio of dedicated research, we also partner with organizations to conduct surveys on critical topics of interest to both our audience and our partners. You provide an outline of high-level questions and our experts develop and conduct the survey. Our research output can include a report, white paper and/or to live presentation or educational webinars.

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