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In 20-to-30-minutes our podcasts put supply chains front and center where they belong. Join us while we address the challenges of the profession, ask the big questions and learn new technologies while living in the trenches of the supply chain world.  

You’ll hear from industry experts who live and breathe it. The content isn’t rehearsed or forced. It’s real, raw, and transparent.

Discussions will cover planning, logistics, procurement, sustainability and social responsibility, all areas of risk, talent management, industry research and topics from you. Make some time, take a break, laugh and have some fun as we explore how we succeed together.


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Letting Go Vs. Having Control in Procurement

Hear from decades-long global procurement leader and author Peter Bowie Dill on his book, “Control What You Can,” and how integrity and applying the professions’ foundational principles drives success. Learn how you can “play your position” to better understand what you can influence and control. Understand the shift from just in time to that of being agile, in a state of readiness, to develop options to mitigate risk and control what you can.

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Build local regenerative supply chains, starting with wood waste. Cambium Carbon saves trees from the landfill by partnering with millers, architects, cities, and businesses. Listen to Cambium Carbon vice-president of sales Jeff Cohen discuss their global solution to wood waste through an innovative reuse platform creating green jobs and new trees while mitigating climate change.



Supply Chain and ISM, the Parallel that Connects

This episode features a deep dive into ISM®, our breadth of available resources and how we optimize supply chains and their talent, end-to-end.


Women in Supply Chains: Challenges Seldom Talked About

Female practitioners share personal stories revealing gender inequity and why voicing confidence opens the right doors. 


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