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You’ll hear from industry experts who live and breathe it. The content isn’t rehearsed or forced. It’s real, raw, and transparent.

Discussions will cover planning, logistics, procurement, sustainability and social responsibility, all areas of risk, talent management, industry research and topics from you. Make some time, take a break, laugh and have some fun as we explore how we succeed together.


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Empowering Supply Chain Decision-Making Through Knowledge-Based Data

The adage “content is king” lacks relevancy without the proper sourcing and context — but businesses often rely on unvetted data or opinion to drive decision-making, which can compromise integrity and the bottom-line.

Join CAPS Research executive managing director Denis Wolowiecki for essential perspective on how, when and why knowledge-based information can be the missing link between operational or strategic inefficiencies and your next success story.

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Women in Supply Management: It Takes a Leader to Instill Change

As an entrepreneur, leader, and supplier, Resilinc’s CEO Bindiya Vakil explains how the value of gratitude is essential to getting past adversity, building relationships, and growing business successfully.

Founding Resilinc in 2010, Vakil has helped transform the way that global organizations approach supply chain visibility and risk; driving them to shift from reactively addressing catastrophic supply chain events to putting preventative solutions in place through monitoring, mapping, and planning.

In this podcast, learn how humility plays a pivotal role in perseverance and resiliency, how change starts with leadership, and the benefits of embracing failure. Don’t miss this inspirational interview as we learn life is not straightforward.


How to Manage Expectations of Emerging Supply Chain Professionals

Join a distinguished panel of guests from ISM®’s Talent Management Committee as they discuss workforce challenges that arise when leadership, seasoned executives, and emerging professionals differ on job-related perspectives and communication preferences.

Learn from their experiences, humor, and recommended strategies for building healthy relationships to carry throughout your career.


Reshoring, Reassessing and Readying for Relocation

Ongoing geopolitical stressors provide an unsettling backdrop to uncertainty, increasing risks for supply chain disruption.

Listen to Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of The Reshoring Institute as shares her expertise on how to assess, ready and manage a manufacturing move to U.S. soil.

Hear what she’s seen in the Asia-Pacific region, the activity at the U.S.-Mexico border and what to expect in the future of trade.



Why the Time Has Come for Disruption and Delay Insurance

Instability is the precursor to supply management volatility. Insurance company Otonomi provides a way to mitigate weather and climate-related risks through its disruption and delay insurance.

Hear from CEO and co-founder Yann Barbarroux on why added protection is a must-have for time-sensitive and critical use product supply chains and learn how their proprietary system works.


The Digitization of Manufacturing and Business Intelligence Myths

Join Solution architect Sasha Risner of Flexware Innovations as she discusses how adding business intelligence into data systems and following a recommended maturity ladder can provide greater time-, cost- and talent efficiencies from the top floor to the shop floor.

Discover how business intelligence works within manufacturing by gathering, organizing, and segmenting data concisely.

Hear about the advantages of creating a single source of truth for better reporting and enterprise efficiency to optimize time, talent and technology assets.


Microaggressions in The Workplace

88 percent of non-inclusive behaviors experienced by women in the workplace were “microaggressions”. While they can be subtle or overwhelmingly obvious, microaggressions disrupt self-worth and career growth.

Hear from Alyssa Grau, CPSM, Director Head of Supply Chain, Seamen Corporation and Linsey Vasilenko, Director Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, Baylor, Scott & White Health, two members of the ISM Women’s Supply Management Committee, as they share personal stories, and how to recognize and overcome the subversive behaviors that diminish corporate culture.

Learn how workplace microaggressions can disrupt self-worth and career growth.


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