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Discussions will cover planning, logistics, procurement, sustainability and social responsibility, all areas of risk, talent management, industry research and topics from you. Make some time, take a break, laugh and have some fun as we explore how we succeed together.


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Wielding China's Growth And Global Trade Tensions

We unravel the frustrations businesses experience in their efforts to decouple from global supply chain business models, and the impacts that tariffs and evolving regulations bear on product availability, cost and the customer experience.

Hear Pawan Joshi, e2open Executive Vice President, Product Management & Strategy, share insights on how to pivot from a negative mentality to embracing disruptions as an opportunity to excel.

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Gen Z and Missed Opportunities in Industrial Automation

Find real reasons why manufacturing and industrial facilities are challenged by job vacancies. Heather Chapman MS, CSP, CHMM, CEAS III - Head of Ergonomics at Soter Analytics breaks down the details of a disinterested emerging workforce, what drives them to consider employment opportunities and how supply chains are getting it wrong. Understand the constructs of GenZ survey findings with recommendations to bridge professional and generational gaps by promoting automation and technology practices.


Is Scarcity a Likely Supply Management Scenario?

Join us for a captivating conversation with procurement legend and former Johnson & Johnson CPO, Len DeCandia, as we delve into the dynamic evolution of the procurement profession.

Gain insights into the paradigm shift from status quo abundance to the emerging realm of scarcity and discover why supply chains must adapt.  Explore why the age-old adage 'follow the money' takes on a new significance in times of scarcity.

 Listen as Len addresses the urgency of climate change decisions, emphasizing the importance of immediate actions over distant 2040 goals. Understand the integral role of strong, transparent, and communicative supplier relationships in ensuring the overall functionality of the supply chain.


AI Breaking Language Barriers in Manufacturing- DeepHow

Global manufacturers and corporations with remote workforces are especially challenged by language barriers impacting efficiency, attrition and workplace health and safety. DeepHow CEO Sam Zheng is changing the language landscape across manufacturing and the factory floor. Discover “Stephanie”, an AI-enabled solution, who bridges generational, language, and cultural gaps in the workforce enhancing training, retention, production, and employee morale.


Seasonal Demand and Owning Changing Patterns

Global supply chains need to consider speed, inflation, and geopolitical volatility in dictating end-to-end costs and pricing. Join ISM and podcast guests Andrew Driscoll, vice president strategic accounts, and Scott Tillman, senior vice president of research & development.  We examine the complexities of regulation, data integration, and demand patterns while fueling greater logistic efficiency. Discover cost advantage strategies and how sustainable practices allow small-to-midsize businesses a competitive advantage against larger enterprises.


How Ingenuity, AI and ML Reengineer Salesforce and AWS

Feel left out of the Industry 4.0 conversation? Perhaps it is time to be open to the uncomfortable and embrace technology as an enabler for organizational vision.
Hear how seasoned supply chain leader and ketteQ CEO Mike Landry overhauled the profession by making AI and ML mainstream through Salesforce and AWS applications.

Landry also shares how new ways of thinking, vision, and technology work symbiotically toward instituting positive and transformative change.

Get details on why implementing autonomous planning and greater visibility intuitively drives sales and marketing opportunities.


Empowering Supply Chain Decision-Making Through Knowledge-Based Data

The adage “content is king” lacks relevancy without the proper sourcing and context — but businesses often rely on unvetted data or opinion to drive decision-making, which can compromise integrity and the bottom-line.

Join CAPS Research executive managing director Denis Wolowiecki for essential perspective on how, when and why knowledge-based information can be the missing link between operational or strategic inefficiencies and your next success story.


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