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Training and Education for Today’s Rapidly Changing Supply Chain Landscape

Our profession is advancing rapidly and changing almost daily, posing new challenges to the supply management professional. As our industry evolves, so does ISM training. We are the only supply management association that provides training in all areas of our supply management profession.

We stay on top of trends and changes to keep our training relevant to what our members expect and need for success. With globally-recognized training programs, ISM education is respected across industries within supply management.

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Ways to Train in Supply Chain Management

ISM offers a variety of ways to get the training you need for success and advancement.

ISM Certificates

Discover ISM Certificates for an in-depth study of supply management topics. Designed for supply chain pros, these empower skill development and career advancement.

Each program has 5 self-paced courses, followed by a knowledge quiz, equipping you with the expertise for success in today's marketplace.

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Live Online Training

ISM offers a robust suite of live online training opportunities, recognizing that virtual learning is both convenient and economical. Choose from short, info-packed webinars to more in-depth virtual classroom and guided study courses where you get the benefit of live instruction.

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Self-Paced Training

ISM provides a library of self-paced learning from hot topic, on-demand webinars, to interactive skill-based e-learning. These offerings are designed for the busy professional. You get the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

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In-Person Training

Our Classroom In-Person Training is exclusively available as a customized group training program, delivered by global supply management industry experts to your team on-site. Benefit from in-depth seminars tailored to your organization’s unique needs, with focused learning and networking opportunities for your team members to engage with each other and their instructor.

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Core Competency Areas for Training

ISM offers training across 16 core supply chain competencies and more than 70 sub-competencies. Explore each core competency area below to discover supporting education to advance your career.

Upcoming Education

  • May-Aug



    The ISM World all-access pass combines the best of both worlds. You get the in-person experience and the time to dedicate to networking, supplier discovery and the specific supply management breakout sessions you select to attend onsite. In addition, you get 90-day access following the conference to a library of the breakout sessions you may have missed or would like to watch again. It’s the ultimate package extending your conference education beyond the live event to maximize your value.
  • June



    Are you ready to maximize your supplier performance and supply management negotiation skills? This supply management course will provide you with new knowledge on how to develop effective performance-based statements of work (SOW) to improve your performance with suppliers. Get strategic and practical insight into SOW that aren’t just theoretical but will result in more successful contracts. During the two-day intensive supply management training, you’ll explore specific tools and techniques and examine common mistakes – and, most importantly, learn how to avoid them. You will gain hands-on experience using actual case studies and Q&A sessions. If your organization seeks to maximize supplier performance and it is one of your functional responsibilities, you won’t want to miss this practical and applicable course.

    Brandon Hummons
  • June



    This course has been designed for Certified Professional in Supply Management®  (CPSM®) designation holders who would like to assist others as they prepare for their CPSM exams. This course will cover best practices in the educational and association fields, including ISM's vision for the CPSM, adult learning theory, ADDIE Model, Engaging and motivating learners, updates to exam specifications and candidate courseware. Upon completion, instructors are granted a qualification status demonstrating they have made the commitment of excellence. Eligible instructors must have a current CPSM certification. Instructors will also receive the CPSM 2018 Instructor Courseware to deliver their own workshops. This course is worth 10 CEH's.

    This is a two week online course with 3 live webinars. If you are not to attend live they are also available ON-Demand after the live event.

    Monday- June 17, 2024 from 2:00-3:00 PM EST

    Friday- June 21, 2024 from 2:00-3:00 PM EST

    Friday- June 28, 2024 from 2:00-3:00 PM EST

    James Fleming, CPSM, CPSD
  • June



    The importance of supply chain sustainability has been growing in recent years with consumers increasingly prioritizing environmental, social and governance  (ESG) responsibilities. In response, companies are recognizing the benefits of sustainable practices for their bottom line. A sustainable supply chain can help companies maximize value by reducing costs, improving their reputation, and building stronger relationships with suppliers and customers.
    Sustainability has become a critical issue for the global supply chain, as companies look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and ensure long-term economic viability. From green procurement and sustainable packaging to energy efficiency and waste reduction, there are many ways that companies can address sustainability in their supply chain. As the world continues to prioritize sustainability, it will be interesting to see how the global supply chain evolves and embraces sustainable practices.

    To help procurement professionals address this goal, we will examine current case studies from around the world to learn how organizations are driving sustainable procurement.
    Enroll in this course, and you will walk away with a roadmap to drive sustainable procurement in your organization.

    Caldwell Hart, Jr, CPSM, CPSD
  • June



    Join our Women’s Supply Management Community for a fun hour of virtual speed networking. Come get to know a handful of new people within our growing community!

    *ISM membership is not required to attend this meeting. All are welcome.