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Training and Education for Today’s Rapidly Changing Supply Chain Landscape

Our profession is advancing rapidly and changing almost daily, posing new challenges to the supply management professional. As our industry evolves, so does ISM training. We are the only supply management association that provides training in all areas of our supply management profession.

We stay on top of trends and changes to keep our training relevant to what our members expect and need for success. With globally-recognized training programs, ISM education is respected across industries within supply management.

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Ways to Train in Supply Chain Management

ISM offers a variety of ways to get the training you need for success and advancement.

Classroom In-Person Training

From in-depth seminars delivered around the US to onsite training delivered by global supply management industry experts around the world, our classroom offers individuals focused learning with their instructors and the ability to network and engage with other attendees.

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Live Online Training

ISM offers a robust suite of live online training opportunities, recognizing that virtual learning is both convenient and economical. Choose from short, info-packed webinars to more in-depth virtual classroom and guided study courses where you get the benefit of live instruction.

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Self-Paced Training

ISM provides a library of self-paced learning from hot topic, on-demand webinars, to interactive skill-based e-learning. These offerings are designed for the busy professional. You get the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

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Core Competency Areas for Training

ISM offers training across 16 core supply chain competencies and more than 70 sub-competencies. Explore each core competency area below to discover supporting education to advance your career.

Upcoming Education

  • November



    In this engaging and thought-provoking webinar, award-winning leadership strategists Mandy Flint & Elisabet Vinberg Hearn show you how to sharpen your strategic and systems thinking (regardless of your role) to make 2023 your most successful year to date. Use your strategic mindset to reflect on learning moments from 2022 to project you with impact into next year and beyond.

  • December



    Many supply chain professionals learn the basics of contracting on the job. However, to advance in your profession, you’ll need to develop more sophisticated contracting skills. This supply chain management course will provide you with advanced contracting know-how to progress in your career and take on new challenges. In this “beyond the basics” contracting course, you’ll build upon your existing contract knowledge and take it a step further by focusing on how to construct effective customized agreements. For hands-on practice, you’ll review numerous contract clauses and their uses in various situations, including services, software, construction and e-commerce. This course will also address contracts from a global perspective to prepare you with global contracting skills, an in-demand skill set. To ensure this course is applicable to your specific role, you're invited to have copies of your contracts for reference during the program.

    Helen M Pohlig, J.D.
    Meeting Full
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  • December



    Join Zycus Inc (zycus.com) and ISM in this virtual event to gain practical insights & pragmatic approaches from senior procurement leaders, practitioners, and thought leaders on how you can set the procurement priorities for the next year to achieve breakthrough performance.

    As procurement leadership undertakes the planning process for 2023, CPOs and the procurement teams are dabbling with multiple competing priorities. From Cognitive Procurement solutions enabling better decision-making, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) automating mundane, repetitive tasks, to the emerging next-gen technologies that drive major changes in how organizations operate and procure.

    This demands a radical shift in outlook to design a perfect Procurement agenda to reinforce itself as a center of gravity for value creation and strategic leadership from being a mere enabling function.

    While Procurement functions need to build a strong relationship with Tier 1 suppliers and develop capabilities aligned to Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance (ESG) goals, Enterprises need to develop core capabilities (data quality, data governance, in-house skills & competency, and change management) to derive maximum value from the implementation of next-generation procurement technologies.

  • December




    Financial Analysis

    Analyzing financial data, using benchmarking metrics and supply data to understand a supplier’s financial situation and market position, help ensure your organization can develop and execute an appropriate supplier engagement strategy. Learn how to analyze supplier financial health to protect your organization.

    Milagros M Henn
  • January



    If the thought of unseen risk lurking along your global supply chain keeps you up at night, then this course is for you. It’s impossible to eliminate all risk, but you can prepare for it by learning to identify it, analyze it, anticipate its impact and determine its probability. This must-attend seminar will help you in your quest to reduce and mitigate risk and will give you a solid understanding of risk analysis, managing risk, compliance and execution. Excel based tools and templates will be provided for weighted risk factors, financial impact and probability analysis.

    Joseph P. Gallagher, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.