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Training and Education for Today’s Rapidly Changing Supply Chain Landscape

Our profession is advancing rapidly and changing almost daily, posing new challenges to the supply management professional. As our industry evolves, so does ISM training. We are the only supply management association that provides training in all areas of our supply management profession.

We stay on top of trends and changes to keep our training relevant to what our members expect and need for success. With globally-recognized training programs, ISM education is respected across industries within supply management.

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Ways to Train in Supply Chain Management

ISM offers a variety of ways to get the training you need for success and advancement.

Classroom In-Person Training

From in-depth seminars delivered around the US to onsite training delivered by global supply management industry experts around the world, our classroom offers individuals focused learning with their instructors and the ability to network and engage with other attendees.

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Live Online Training

ISM offers a robust suite of live online training opportunities, recognizing that virtual learning is both convenient and economical. Choose from short, info-packed webinars to more in-depth virtual classroom and guided study courses where you get the benefit of live instruction.

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Self-Paced Training

ISM provides a library of self-paced learning from hot topic, on-demand webinars, to interactive skill-based e-learning. These offerings are designed for the busy professional. You get the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

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Upcoming Education

  • Jan-Feb



    Get prepared for the Supply Management Core exam with ISM’s Guided Learning course. Designed with today’s busy professional in mind, this comprehensive, self-paced course will provide a deep understanding of core supply management competencies and set you up for success on the exam.

  • January



    This webinar provides knowledge regarding the many benefits that come with being a part of the ISM community. Join us and learn about the essential tools, vibrant community, and exceptional learning that enhances your professional development. You'll also gain insight into the array of programs, services, and resources that are available to you through your membership.

  • January



    Contracts guide key aspects of business strategies and relationships. Many organizations spend a considerable amount of time and resources writing, reviewing, and managing contracts. Having deeper knowledge of terms and conditions will protect your organization from legal risk. This course will build and expand your contracting knowledge to ensure positive outcomes for your organization.

    Jeffery K. Sjurseth
  • January



    Member Only

    Industry 4.0 | Supply Chain Digitization

    The future has a funny way of becoming the present sooner than we think. In the Supply Management profession, we are undergoing a seismic rethink as we navigate the early 2020s. One thing is certain, our supply chain data is changing more frequently and growing more quickly than in the prior decade.

    Forward thinking leaders are left with two paths forward, hire more people or get more productive.

    Supply chain digitization of our offline data offers a glimmer of hope to take back control of our days and get more done. However, a deluge of new jargon from Industry 4.0 to AI has seemingly placed out of reach this information race for many. Fortunately, we are in the early legs of a long marathon that has yet to determine winners.

    In this webinar, we will demystify the buzz words and share practical proven actions you, your team and your suppliers can take to get more flow back into your day and win the future.

  • February



    Your ability to understand how supply management departments must align with organizational goals and strategies is an important skill as a supply management professional. Having the skills to align organizational focus across the entire supply chain will set you apart in your career. In this ISM Virtual Learning course, you’ll gain an understanding of global trends and emerging markets and how category plans can be adapted to achieve success. An industry subject matter expert will show you how these plans must encompass dynamic business environments and incorporate flexibility. This ISM supply management course will arm you with new methods to create integrated solutions that benefit the entire enterprise and drive more impact to bottom- and top-line revenue.

    *** Please Note: ISM uses Zoom Meeting for its virtual learning sessions, this free application is required to participate.

    Greg DeSimone, C.P.M.