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ISM curates an extensive worldwide supply chain network to support our members in their career journeys. Our network of local chapters, global partners and special interest groups and forums allow us to offer supply chain professionals with tools, resources and education to enhance their career goals and support their success.  

As an ISM member, you’ll benefit from our global membership and local chapter affiliation (where available). You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the extended expertise brought by our global network of partners. You can also participate in special interest groups and forums on topic areas of interest to you.

Gain access to the best networking in supply chain through the ISM community.

Connect with your supply chain peers and get access to endless education opportunities.

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Local Chapters

Local chapters provide a path to stay connected, engaged and up-to-date with everything happening in supply management within your local region. ISM membership includes global membership benefits and local chapter affiliation (where available).

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Global Partners

ISM’s global partners provide our members with enhanced resources, thought leadership and education. ISM members benefit from our partners “real world” expertise, skills, research and knowledge in supply chain management.

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