ISM® Leadership Assessment

The ISM Leadership Model is a framework that defines unique principles and practices to lead an organization, and its employees, to success. Leaders are tasked with managing complex and dynamic business environments while balancing the need to create a rewarding workplace.

Six competencies and 28 sub-competencies provide leaders a comprehensive approach to baseline a current state of capabilities and assist in closing talent development gaps.


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Talent Capability Assessment

Competencies Measured

6 core competencies are measured within this assessment. Understanding your baseline maturity and opportunity for growth is key to building long-term strategic planning.

  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Delivering Results
  • Managing Vision and Purpose
  • Cultivating Innovation
  • Strategic Ability


With talent capability results, supply management employees will gain insight into their ability to lead. Career development plans to achieve and exceed these targets will enable professional growth and deliver strategic value to the company.

With assessment data, supply management leaders will be able to assess existing leaders and employees with leadership potential to support long term strategic talent plans. Thus creating development plans for employees, creating opportunities to impact. the bottom-line costs and top-line revenues.



Talent Capability Levels

Working with practitioners and other subject matter experts, individual maturity progression is mapped as follows.

ISM Talent Capability Assessment Model


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