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COVID-19 Round 4 Research Release

This benefit is an exclusive member-only webinar covering the most recent research conducted by ISM around COVID-19 and the impacts to supply chains. Join ISM CEO Thomas Derry as he shares the data and discusses the impacts, and reveals what may lie ahead based on respondent feedback.

May 4, 2021 | 1 PM ET

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Driving Supply Chains Towards Sustainability

This is an exclusive article focused on an auto industry case study providing insights and strategies in creating a more sustainable supply chain.

This case study article first explores the too-often practice of supply management leaders having to consider sustainability as a cost of doing business or a trade-off for business. It continues to dig into the opportunity for integration: allowing sustainability and technology to work side by side, as enablers of integrated supply chains and a focal point for change management.

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Mastering Supplier Identification & Qualification

This benefit is a member-only article, "Mastering Supplier Identification & Qualification" which explains how supply management organizations can drive success by organizing cross-functional teams to analyze and qualify suppliers.

New supplier identification and qualification is one of the most important skills to develop for any supply manager. The ability to locate, screen, assess, analyze and qualify a supplier helps a supply management organization gain market knowledge, get competitive pricing and build strong, long-lasting relationships with critical supply partners.

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Negotiation Quick Plan Template

This benefit is an exclusive Negotiation Quick Plan template which will allow you and other employees to define key goals, options, standards and a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) in a short period of time.

Did a key negotiation just come up that you have not had sufficient time to plan for? Are other members of the organization going to attend? These are some of the ongoing surprises supply management professionals deal with. You no longer have to let short notices decrease your power in a negotiation.

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Net Zero Challenge

This is an exclusive webinar on how procurement can lead the way in the decarbonization of supply chains.

This webinar shows how addressing supply-chain emissions enables many customer-facing companies to impact a volume of emissions several times higher than they could if they were to focus on decarbonizing their own direct operations and power consumption alone – and achieving a net-zero supply chain is possible with very limited additional costs.

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Solving the Reshoring Riddle

This is a member-exclusive article examining the value-creation and value-capture potential of each of your current partner companies. This article is especially valuable as it covers how a systematic approach can help you determine whether to maintain, adjust or disband your partnerships.

The two assessment dimensions are "value create" and "value capture". This article will help you assess whether partner companies are still good at what they do and if they still have the ability to create value in your industry. You also will look at whether your strategic partnerships are still helping you improve your ability to capture value in your industry.

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