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Showing Up and Staying In Uncomfortable Conversations

This webinar discusses the importance of uncomfortable conversations. This webinar is especially important in today's business world as vulnerable conversations are easy to avoid but can be powerful when tackled head-on. Join Tom Derry and Pamela Culpepper as they explore complex topics together.

This webinar will help you:

  • Discover a framework for discussing sensitive topics
  • Examine discomforts that get in the way of productive outcomes

February 24, 2021 | 1PM EST

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Leading with Impact: Are You Ready for 2021?

This member-exclusive webinar put on by the ISM Talent Management Committee which is specifically designed for those who manage people (either as direct reports or for cross-organizational projects). With the challenges of COVID, the committee will share tools and techniques that you can use to better manage your career and your teams in 2021.

Twelve months into the global pandemic and we are still growing accustomed to the new normal of remote work. However, working from home has introduced a new array of challenges like a lack of visibility and maintaining a work-life balance.

February 16, 2021 | 1PM EST

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Supplier Code of Conduct Template

A supplier’s commitment to responsible business standards is an integral part of the value chain for any company. As a member bonus, this week's Supplier Code of Conduct template will give you insights into the subjects you need to include on your own supplier code of conduct. This template will help you create an action plan for your company and the requirements your suppliers must meet. This member-exclusive Supplier Code of Conduct template will help you create a dynamic supplier code of conduct to ensure your organization’s standards and principles are implemented throughout your supplier base. A well written Supplier Code of Conduct illustrates your company’s commitment to high legal, ethical, environmental and employee-related standards internally and among your suppliers. This will serve to ensure investors, employees and suppliers alike understand the principals your company stands for.

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Optimizing Your Strategic Partnerships

This is a member-exclusive article examining the value-creation and value-capture potential of each of your current partner companies. This article is especially valuable as it covers how a systematic approach can help you determine whether to maintain, adjust or disband your partnerships.

The two assessment dimensions are "value create" and "value capture". This article will help you assess whether partner companies are still good at what they do and if they still have the ability to create value in your industry. You also will look at whether your strategic partnerships are still helping you improve your ability to capture value in your industry.

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Industry 4.0 | Supply Chain Digitization

We are excited to share a member-exclusive webinar on the future of supply chain digitization. This is especially important as today in the Supply Management profession, we are undergoing a seismic rethink. One thing is certain, our supply chain data is changing more frequently and growing more quickly than in the prior decade.

This webinar covers why supply chain digitization will enable supply competitive advantage in the years to come and practical actions you can take now to win the future.

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Leveraging Supplier Relationships in Difficult Times

This webinar covers different ways to leverage supplier relationships in difficult times.

When times get difficult, relationships can deliver a win-win solution. Research shows the quality of a customer-supplier relationship can drive significant benefits and results in an organization. While definitions of "relationship" differ, it is the results that count, especially in a time of crisis.

In this webinar, you will learn to gain clarity on supplier needs, harness the power of collaboration, and achieve an enlightened view on supplier relationships. 

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