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Top 5 Mistakes in Cloud and Software Contracts

This webinar will examine five of the key clauses in IT contracts – each with its own typical mistake or misunderstanding. It will prepare contract staff to draft and negotiate better, faster, and with more confidence.

Software licenses and cloud computing contracts play central roles in technology procurement. Yet many lawyers, contract managers, and procurement officers misunderstand their key terms, including the differences between on-premise software and cloud computing agreements. 

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Cost Containment Strategies During COVID-19

This webinar provides you with crucial information for your procurement organization during this Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, you will learn the strategies and tactics you can implement to prepare for other supply chain disruptions you may experience in the future.

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Cyber Supply Chain Management

This is an exclusive member Monday webinar on cybersecurity in the supply chain. This is especially important today as a number of research firms say, cybersecurity has become the single largest risk factor that companies face in global enterprise.

Cybercrime costs impacting multiple industrial sectors are expected to be in the trillions. Companies can take proactive measures by implementing a cybersecurity framework and business processes.

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60-Days of ProPurchaser for Free

This an exclusive ISM member benefit of 60-days of ProPurchaser for free. This tool is especially important today as many companies and supply management professionals are looking to cut costs and increase their bottom line.

This tool will give you greater insights into the cost of your commodities so you can negotiate more successful deals with your suppliers. Watch this video to learn more about ProPurchaser.

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How to Avoid the ‘Bias Trap’

This is an article and tool on how to avoid biases within your organization. This is a topic that is especially relevant in light of the increasing focus on diversity in the world today.

Diversity has many forms. It can pertain to the cultural, ethnic, and generational makeup of the workforce, supplier base, and company ownership, as well as to geographic location and company culture, among many other ways.

In this article, we discuss personal and institutional biases and how we can overcome and avoid them. 

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Contract Review Letter

This is a template for creating contract review letters. This particular letter is useful in formally communicating between all parties of a contract.

Within a contract, there is a section called the Notice provision that articulates how parties of a contract are to inform each other of an action (review, renewal, termination, acceptance, etc.) The purpose of this Notice is to reduce possible disputes by clearly defining what constitutes a legally-binding notice.


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