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About Resilinc

Resilinc helps companies re-imagine supply chain risk.

Every year, tens of thousands of events – ranging from natural disasters, factory fires, strikes, health epidemics, or new government policies – shut down manufacturing and wreak havoc on global supply chains. Most organizations lack the visibility into the structure of their supply chains: their main suppliers have suppliers, and those suppliers have suppliers. Oftentimes those second and third-tier suppliers are unknown to the top organization. So, if disaster strikes and a supplier site shuts down, this can lead to major disruption: the organization won’t know a critical cog in the wheel is out of commission until it’s too late. 

Resilinc offers a predictive analytics tool that leverages AI to identify how a supplier will perform by analyzing past events and on time delivery data. Check out the following video to see how it works.

Resilinc’s Suite of Solutions


Resilinc’s EventWatchAI monitors millions of news and social feeds across 100+ countries and languages. Their AI removes the noise, so your alerts are 100% relevant, and their team provides well-researched, actionable notifications.


A suite of risk management tools, including supplier visibility dashboards, supplier scorecards, collaboration centers, and playbooks.

Multi-Tier Mapping

Resilinc will map your entire supply chain, down to the site, product, and part level. You’ll gain unmatched visibility and – when disruption strikes – the ability to act quickly.


Resilinc’s end-to-end, customized solution for Fortune 1000 companies.