Anirban Basu

CEO & Co-Founder



Bindiya Vakil is CEO and founder of Resilinc and a recognized thought leader in the area of supply chain risk management from Cisco, Flextronics and MIT. She is credited with creating the market for supply chain risk management solutions since starting Resilinc in 2010. In eight years, Resilinc has become the world's largest repository for supply chain visibility and mapping intelligence with almost 3 million parts mapped across 140 countries. She holds the patent for evaluating supply chain vulnerability and risk of an enterprise. She is also the founder of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the discipline of supply chain risk management. She is on the Advisory Board of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Ms. Vakil has a master's degree in supply chain management from MIT and an MBA in Finance.