Gaining a Procurement Advantage: How ATI is Building a Future-Ready Procurement Team with ISM 

ATI Inc. is a leading global specialty materials producer specializing in manufacturing high-performance materials and advanced alloys. With more than 6,000 employees across nearly 20 locations in Europe and Asia, and more than 30 in the United States, ATI provides high performance materials and solutions for the global aerospace and defense markets, and critical applications in electronics, medical and specialty energy. 

The ISM Corporate Program has been a valuable resource for ATI in developing its procurement organization. ATI continues to leverage the membership benefits to strengthen its procurement team. Mike McCaig, CPO at ATI, plans to see the number of people with ISM certifications increase in the Pittsburgh, Dallas and other Metro areas where ATI is located so the network continues to grow. He also recommends ISM Assessments, especially for organizations looking to establish a benchmark and develop their maturity level in procurement. 

Learn more about how McCaig and others at ATI are using ISM resources as well as CAPS Research data to advance their vision, mission, and strategies to build a more mature procurement organization.  

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This sharing of ideas within this network has helped many of us in the procurement space find some solutions we may not have found on our own.”

‐ Mike McCaig, Chief Procurement Officer at ATI

ISM® Corporate Program- Ready to Learn More?

ISM® offers a suite of solutions to assist organizations in their talent development and pursuit of operational efficiencies and organizational success. From best-in-class assessments, industry certifications, access to webinars, continuous education and group training, ISM has you covered. Keep current with the latest industry news, engaging content and timely research.

We enable professionals to master complex supply management competencies and bring greater value to their organization.  As the leader in supply management education, ISM’s programs are backed by over 100 years of experience, with more than 50,000 members worldwide taking part in our programs and services. Maximize your competitive advantage with your biggest asset, your people. 

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