Johanna Anderson

Director of Learning & Member Engagement
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council



As Director of Learning and Member Engagement, Johanna works directly with SPLC members to develop and implement strategic sustainable purchasing programs designed to drive market transformation. She develops and executes new programs and guidance, creates and supports opportunities for collaboration, and engages with stakeholders to ensure SPLC programming generates real impact. Prior to joining SPLC, Johanna coordinated the State of Minnesota's Sustainable Procurement Program for 10 years, assisting the state with making purchases that demonstrated the highest level of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

During her time with the State, she led the development of a charter for the State's program, increasing the State's commitment to and accountability for sustainable procurement. She also successfully advocated for including sustainable purchasing in an Executive Order on state agency sustainability. Johanna has been involved with SPLC since 2013. She engaged the State of Minnesota as a founding member, has served on numerous SPLC committees, chaired SPLC's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and served on the Board as liaison to the TAC. Johanna holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Science from San Francisco State University.