Revitalize Your Procurement Career:  Leveraging AI, Tools, and People for the Future of Work

Monday May 8, 2023

3:00PM - 4:00PM

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Career growth and the path to get there have changed dramatically in recent years. From shifting industries to technological advancements that automate jobs and from remote work to the gig economy, it's one of the more disruptive time periods for professionals and organizations in recent history. Companies' hiring systems are dysfunctional and can't keep up with constant change of identifying talent like you. What you have done before in your career progression won't work in the future. You can complain or you can change because no one is coming to save you!

In this interactive workshop gain real tactics that show you how to take control of your own career. Learn how to win the job hunting and career advancement game and how to jump the hiring and promotion queue to stay ahead of the competition.