Getting the Relational Contract that You Want for Your Complex Outsourcing Relationship

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

3:30PM - 4:30PM

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Many organizations continue to struggle to effectively design, manage and execute an effective outsource program to meet objectives, let alone deliver the anticipated transformational value promised at the outset. There are limitations and inherent weaknesses in traditional contracts to meet the true intentions of both parties to deliver expected value. There has been a growing movement to address some of the common challenges through relational contracts which recognize relationships that are not just person to person, but also organization to organization. These contracts obligate contracting parties to create a flexible framework that promotes a fair and balanced exchange with the common understanding that business is dynamic and things will change.

In this interactive session, learn about both the buyer and service providers' perspectives on the identified hurdles and discuss the applicability of our suggestions on how to overcome these obstacles and document in a relational contract framework. Walk away understanding the benefits of building a relationship vs. focusing on the deal and how to avoid and mitigate risks by aligning interests.