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Blockchain for Supply Chain

We discuss the details on the integration and benefits of blockchain into supply chains. Learn how blockchain technology and its profession-changing process streamlines procurement and contract negotiations. Explore how this new collaborative ecosystem, created by merging the blockchain within supply chain management, is a way to bring greater security, efficiency, and trust to the profession.

Our guest is the energetic and frequent ISM contributor, Dr. Charlotte de Brabandt, DBA, head of IT partner management and governance U.S. ZF Group.  Hear from Dr. de Brabandt as she shares how blockchain can bolster trust and transparency across end-to-end tiers, and more.


The Spillover Effects of a Transforming Transportation Fleet

Advancements in technology and carbon reduction efforts are driving changes in transportation enterprises and the procurement decision-making of equipment.

Hear Brian Antonellis, Fleet Advantage Senior Vice President Fleet Operations (CTP), explain the costs, considerations, and strategies in moving it forward efficiently. Explore how to effectively plan today for tomorrow’s fleet operating costs, learn about the pitfalls of leasing vs. purchasing, and the difference between diesel benchmark pricing and the cost of running an EV fleet.


Logistics and the Cost of Geo-Repositioning Supply Chains

Hear from North American logistics expert, Jenny Vander Zanden, Breakthrough COO, as she discusses the effects of onshoring shifts in manufacturing and transportation.

The discussion includes knowing how to formulate efficiencies through intermodal, the current state of diesel benchmark pricing, and the questions to ask when developing strategic relationships with Mexico.


Slave Trade, Supply Chains and Enabling Solutions

Get an in-depth understanding of slave trade in supply chains as Jonathan Ball, Exiger’s managing director|government solutions delivery, discusses the challenges that persist across the globe. Discover how vulnerable supply chains are to human trafficking, especially from third-party suppliers, and learn how risk mitigation and humanitarian efforts can remove slave trade.

Find more information on how supply chains can empower solutions and better protect human rights, here:


On the Road with Kinaxis at “Kinexions 23” Conference

Join us as we take a deeper look into what’s happening in the supply chain technology arena with panelists from Kinaxis, Colgate-Palmolive and Genpact.

  • Andrew Bell, Kinaxis Vice President Product Management
  • Mike Corbo, retired Chief Supply Chain Officer Colgate Palmolive, Executive Advisor and C-level leader
  • Mike Ciatto, Genpact SVP Supply Chain Service Line CEO

Learn about how technology and machine learning will impact supply management systems, what to watch for when eyeing AI in operational strategy, risk and oversight, and what it will take to get past change management resistance amid AI adoption.


Nearshoring and The State of Industrial Warehouse Space

A complex convergence continues across America, as people, products, and places reposition, moving manufacturing, distribution, and industrial facilities to a better future.

We sat down with industrial warehouse commercial real estate experts from global NAI Horizon for a market update on the availability of space and changes to demand due to nearshoring and the economy.

Hear from our guests Isy Sonabend, Executive Managing Director, Industrial properties and Drew Eisen, Broker, with NAI Horizon as they share the status on the industrial market, including inflation, interest rates and lack of supply are impacting manufacturing and distribution decision makers.


Cleaning Up Dirty Data Before ChatGPT

Miscommunication between people, departments, and customers can happen from misclassified data. What can data mismanagement cost your enterprise? A lot.

Join guest Susan Walsh, the Classification Guru, and hear why cleaning your data before AI integration is imperative. Having a clear classification system allows organizations the visibility and accuracy needed to improve efficiencies and minimize costs.

Follow along as we learn about the C.O.A.T method of data cleanliness and horror stories of data gone wrong.


Core Values and the Leader to Employee Disconnect

Learn how our past and present experiences influence our true potential. Discover the complexities of workplace dynamics and how personal core values impact team success.

Join James Madison, Chief Energy Officer of On-Purpose Life, as we delve deeper into how human behavior affects energy in the workplace, team productivity and employee relationships. Learn how to perceive personal value and the differences in others by practicing a two-way culture of honor, strengthening inner-office relationships.


Juggling Technology Spend and ROI Amid Supply Chain Volatility

Join Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, Kinaxis vice president of industry outreach and thought leadership as we discuss how to ride through uncertainty. Modern supply chain teams can manage the unexpected through agility, transparency, intelligence, and collaboration while investing in tech, people and processes to foster organizational learning. Learn the why and how on our next episode!


The Future of IT Vendor Management

Are you looking to improve your vendor management process with the power of AI? Before jumping in, consider these key factors. How does AI integration assist in contract negotiations, better prepare strategic supplier relationships and what concerns surface about potential ethical and legal implications as well as benefits?

It's important to fully assess the potential benefits and drawbacks before making any changes.


Is Gen-Z Best Hard-Wired to Handle Supply Chain Agility?

Learn about new perspectives on the changing talent pool – comprised of 4 generations! Hear how employee generational differences support more adaptable and resilient supply chains. Amid ongoing disruptive environments, Gen-Z, aka digital natives, provided the necessary agile skill set to survive volatile supply chains.  This generation, with seasoned professionals balance the demand for strong quantitative and tech skills along with EQ for optimal collaboration.

Join in on the conversation with Naseem Malik, CPSM, Managing Partner, MRA Global Sourcing.


Letting Go Vs. Having Control in Procurement

Hear from decades-long global procurement leader and author Peter Bowie Dill on his book, “Control What You Can,” and how integrity and applying the professions’ foundational principles drives success. Learn how you can “play your position” to better understand what you can influence and control. Understand the shift from just in time to that of being agile, in a state of readiness, to develop options to mitigate risk and control what you can.


The Circular and Sustainable Economy of Wood

Build local regenerative supply chains, starting with wood waste. Cambium Carbon saves trees from the landfill by partnering with millers, architects, cities, and businesses. Listen to Cambium Carbon vice-president of sales Jeff Cohen discuss their global solution to wood waste through an innovative reuse platform creating green jobs and new trees while mitigating climate change.



Women in Supply Chains: Challenges Seldom Talked About

Female practitioners share personal stories revealing gender inequity and why voicing confidence opens the right doors. 


Supply Chain and ISM, the Parallel that Connects

This episode features a deep dive into ISM®, our breadth of available resources and how we optimize supply chains and their talent, end-to-end.