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Cost and Price - Applied Analyses

Learn how to help your organization manage data complexity to gain clarity on product costs. In this ISM supply management course, you’ll learn advanced models for synthesizing data and gain powerful knowledge to use to get the best possible price from suppliers. This course will show you how both tactical and strategic cost modeling can align to strategic objectives to provide an optimized solution. The course provides access for 60 days from the date of the purchase.

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Course Objectives:

  1. Various Cost Models:
    • Learn numerous cost models to establish cost baselines.
  2. Tactical and Strategic Approaches:
    • Understand how to move through a spectrum of data to develop strategic outcomes.
  3. Average Total and Marginal Cost:
    • Leverage data from time periods to optimize costs.
  4. Capacity Planning Impacts:
    • Learn how to gain sufficient cost data to help establish strategies for efficient procurement.
  5. Cost of Stock Availability:
    • Through statistical analysis, gain insight of impact to inadequate inventory.

Who should attend:

Experienced professionals who want to refresh and update their skills. Also, any company employee who interacts with supply management and suppliers.

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