Indirect Technology and Contingent Workforce Contract Benchmarking

ISM is now offering exclusive pricing on benchmarking data to give you access to the best prices and terms currently being offered for indirect technology and contingency labor contracts. The data will give your procurement team the tools it needs to facilitate significant cost reductions in your contract renewals or new contracts for two of the highest margin categories.

How does it work?

The unique platform uses analytics to compare SKU-level pricing and contract terms against the products your company is looking to purchase. Current contracts remain anonymous by removing all client identifiers and creating individual data points within every contract. These data points are then compared against those in your contract to help you negotiate the lowest pricing currently available on the market today. The platform has over 1.25 billion data points from 13,000 suppliers in 12 indirect technology and contingency labor spend categories. Just pick the package that works best for you!

What would 8-12% savings in the following categories mean to your company?

You can purchase individual benchmarks, bundles, or one of a couple different types of subscriptions with up to a GUARANTEED 3x minimum cost savings.

The subscriptions can include unlimited benchmarks, negotiation assistance, procurement strategies, counteroffer templates, close plans, and more! It is a no-risk insurance policy with a savings guarantee. Customers have seen an 80% acceleration of the traditional procurement process while saving 15-30% in total contract value on each agreement.

Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly to discuss tools to help you negotiate the best pricing and terms on your next indirect technology or contingent labor contract!