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Making a commitment to getting certified is a big deal, but you don’t have to take that journey alone. ISM offers education and support to help you through your certification journey. From interactive online instruction to a self-paced digital study tool, you have choices to prepare for exams that align with your learning style and budget. In addition, we want to help encourage and support you to achieve your end goal through helpful study tip communications as well as accessing a community of CPSMs in our LinkedIn group to offer their advice and inspiration. You are never alone on this journey. Let us help you get started.

Walk Through the CPSM with an Expert

In this On-Demand Webinar, ISM’s Jim Fleming walks through the CPSM certification process. Jim has over 30 years of supply management experience and, as a Program Manager at ISM, teaches many supply management courses including those for certification. 

In this webinar you will:

  • Get expert advice on how to navigate the CPSM exam
  • Review the eligibility requirements
  • Review the core competencies covered in each exam
  • See a demo of the Digital Learning System
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The Steps to Achieving Your CPSM®

  • Step 1: Know the Criteria (Eligibility Requirements)

    You will need the following professional experience and/or education:

    • Three years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical and nonsupport) with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent;
    • -OR-
    • Five years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical and nonsupport) without a qualified bachelor's degree.

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  • Step 2: Get Help Preparing for Exams

    There are three exams to prepare for with the CPSM. They include:

    • Supply Management Core (180 Questions — 3 hours)
    • Supply Management Integration (165 Questions — 2.75 hours)
    • Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management (165 Questions — 2.75 hours)

    We have various study options available to assist you in preparing for your exam.


    Study at your own pace. There are two options based on your learning preference and budget. The digital option offers interactive tools to help you absorb content, make your individualized study plan and practice for each exam. The print option provides the reading material and practice exams.

    Digital Learning System CPSM Print Learning System


    Interact with fellow students, get digital prep material and have live online instruction from a subject-matter expert. The scheduled sessions keep you on track for completing your certification.

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  • Step 3: You’re Ready! Now Purchase and Schedule Your Exams

    You are prepared and now it’s time to purchase and schedule your exam. Exam testing facilities are located throughout the world or we offer proctored exam options that you can take from the comfort of your own home.


    Purchase English, Chinese, or Korean Exams.

    Access More Detailed Exam Information

    Purchase Spanish Exams


    To schedule your exam, go to our partner, PeasonVue’s website at:

  • Step 4: You Passed! Submit Your Application

    You completed the toughest part. Congratulations! Now it is time to complete and submit your application. Here are the items you will need to complete and process your certification application:

    • Proof of education (Copy of diploma, transcripts)
    • Work background/experience
    • Complete and pass all required exams
    • Payment information for processing fee
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