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This page is a centralized resource page dedicated to Institute for Supply Management®’s supplier diversity research.

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The Institute for Supply Management® conducted research between Nov. 23, 2020 – Jan. 24, 2021, focusing on various impacts and aspects of supplier diversity within the profession. Below are some highlights.


Of respondents have a supplier diversity program


Of respondents with supplier diversity programs have operated for 6 or more years


Of those with programs have operated for more than 10 years


Of organizations with supplier diversity goals reached them


ISM Supplier Diversity Research


This infographic will give you greater insights into key themes around the Institute for Supply Management®'s supplier diversity research. The survey was conducted between Nov. 23, 2020 – Jan. 24, 2021, and included over 460 respondents. The study focused on various impacts and aspects of supplier diversity within the profession.

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Download Supplier Diversity Brings Increased Prosperity, examining the role of supplier diversity within the profession and organizations as well as and supplier diversity programs, through ISM’s recent research. Though a majority of respondents have a supplier diversity program, ISM®’s supplier diversity research shows that the largest companies find those programs provide another source of potential innovation and smaller companies are focused on practical, cost-related benefits of those programs.




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