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Thank you for being a part of the transformative experience that was ISM World 2024!  

With attendees representing 27 different countries, and a lineup of groundbreaking sessions, this year's conference set a new standard for excellence. While the memories are still fresh, we're already looking forward to the future. Our team is hard at work planning an even more spectacular event for ISM World 2025 in Orlando, Florida. Keep an eye out for updates and be the first to know about early bird specials, speaker announcements, and more. The journey towards supply management innovation continues, and we can't wait to share it with you. 


Who Joined Us? A Snapshot of our Audience

From C-suite executives to emerging leaders, here’s a snapshot of the diverse professional levels represented at ISM World 2024.


A Global Gathering

ISM World 2024 brought together attendees from across the United States and abroad.


Something for Everyone: Session Types

Our diverse agenda included a mix of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and workshops tailored to supply management pros.


Connecting the Best: Networking Sessions

We facilitated five formal networking sessions, fostering invaluable connections and collaborations.


Expert Voices: Meet our Speakers

With over 100 industry leaders and innovators sharing their insights, ISM World 2024 was packed with knowledge and expertise.


Diverse Perspectives

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and our speaker lineup reflects a balanced representation of voices.


Endless Learning: Hours of Content

All-Access Attendees enjoyed almost 50 hours of in-depth content, both in-person and recorded, ensuring no one missed out on valuable insights.

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Save the Date for ISM World 2025 

June 1-3, 2025
Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel & Conference Center
Orlando, Florida  

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Countdown Before ISM World 2025

Revisit the ISM World 2024 Experience

ISM World 2024: Ian Bremmer on Global Tensions and a ‘Multipolar’ Economy

Ian Bremmer delivered a keynote address at the ISM World 2024 Annual Conference, acknowledging global turmoil and discussing geopolitical challenges from Russia to China. Despite tensions, he highlighted stability in certain areas and the role of technology in driving globalization, particularly in green energy and AI. Bremmer emphasized the structural nature of global issues, suggesting that addressing them would require more than just a change in leadership.

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ISM World 2024: Chef José Andrés on Managing Bottlenecks and Other Emergencies

José Andrés, renowned chef and founder of World Central Kitchen, delivered a keynote at ISM World 2024, emphasizing the parallels between managing supply chain bottlenecks in emergencies and his humanitarian work. He highlighted the importance of effective data flow and teamwork in overcoming challenges, drawing on his experience providing millions of meals globally. Andrés' engaging storytelling underscored key principles applicable to procurement and life, stressing respect, clear communication, alignment with mission, and the value of decisive action and learning from mistakes.

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ISM World 2024: J. Shipman Award Winner Creates His Own Luck

The J. Shipman Gold Medal Award, presented annually by ISM, is esteemed within the supply management field for recognizing individuals who advance procurement and supply management while mentoring others. The 2024 recipient, Tony Milikin, brings extensive experience from leadership roles at companies like Keurig Dr Pepper and Anheuser-Busch InBev, exemplifying transformative leadership and a commitment to talent development. Milikin emphasizes the importance of imagination, servant leadership, and advocating for procurement professionals to have a seat at the decision-making table, along with embracing technology and fostering aspirations in the field.

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