Innovation Mini Con

The first event of the ISM World 2021 Conference kicks off in March. This 3-hour education and networking event is focused on the building blocks for building a culture of innovation. Led by emcee and keynote, Garry Lyons, this event is sure to kick off your action plans for innovation in a culture of chaos.

Innovation Mini Con Keynote & Emcee

Garry Lyons

Garry Lyons

Founder & CEO, Shipyard Technology Ventures

Entrepreneur | Inventor | Innovation Leader

  • Founder & CEO of Shipyard Technology Ventures
  • Former Chief Innovation Officer, Mastercard

Garry Lyons, CEO, Shipyard Technology Ventures and former Chief Innovation Officer for Mastercard will be our emcee and keynote for the first Mini-Con event of ISM World 2021 Conference. This 3-hour educational session will focus on the value of innovation, provide insights and tips on developing a structured and repeatable approach to innovation and building a culture of innovation. Attendees will break into discussion groups for networking and developing your personal action plan.

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Event Kickoff & Keynote

March 10, 2021 | 1:00-1:30PM EST

Kicking off the Innovation Mini Con, keynote, Garry Lyons, will discuss:

  • The value of innovation and walkthrough a structured and repeatable approach to building a culture of innovation
  • Examples of effective innovation and methodology to get to desired outcomes as an organization
  • Key takeaways to put together your own personal action plan to map out strengths/pitfalls

Panel Discussion - Innovation in a Pandemic & Practical Examples in Tech

March 10, 2021 | 1:30-2:15PM EST

Taking the principles from the keynote session, Garry will turn to a panel of practitioners walking through a real business case of innovation through the pandemic. Hear first-hand accounts of lessons learned, steps taken and the success to build upon post-COVID. Then a follow-up discussion will take place with technology/eccomerce practitioners to understand alternate perspectives of innovation through the pandemic and the “new normal”.

Networking Discussion & Event Wrap-up

March 10, 2021 | 2:15-3:00PM EST

Attendees will break into smaller networking groups with sample questions to begin discussing innovation in the workplace including key challenges, successes and ideas to put into your personal action plan (it's also a great way to start building your professional network!). 

Following the working session, groups will be brought back together for an event wrap-up and next steps.