About Garry Lyons



  • Founder & CEO, Shipyard Technology Ventures
  • Former Chief Innovation Officer, Mastercard


Garry Lyons is the founder and CEO of Shipyard Technology Ventures. Shipyard was founded based on the principle that the creation and operation of great companies can be systematised using technology and data. Shipyard creates and co-creates companies and helps large corporations to improve the way that they innovate and develop products. Prior to founding Shipyard, Garry was the Chief Innovation Officer in Mastercard where he led all of their Innovation and Digital activities globally. He joined Mastercard in 2009 after Mastercard acquired his previous company, Orbiscom, where he was the CEO. Orbiscom was the creator of virtual card numbers and held about 40 patents in the space, Lyons is a technologist by training and has spent most of his career in the Financial Services industry. 

Innovation Starts by Raising your Hand

Garry Lyons on CNN

MasterCard's Chief Innovation Officer, Garry Lyons discusses how he empowers his team to digitize payments and reduce the number of transactions conducted in cash.