Institute for Supply Management® Partners with Kloopify to Offer Sustainability Solutions

May 09, 2024

Innovative sustainability solution to provide resources and benefits to ISM community

TEMPE, Ariz. (May 9, 2024) -- Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) announces strategic alliance with Kloopify, a sustainability solution provider that provides procurement and supply chain managers the ability to measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing price, quality, and delivery.

Kloopify's AI-driven platform meticulously assesses the environmental impact of each transaction, seamlessly integrating data specific to materials and suppliers. This enables a thorough and traceable analysis for global supply chains at a product, SKU, and service level, aligning with Scope 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tracking. Leveraging vetted private, public, and Kloopify curated third-party data alongside universally recognized accounting standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Kloopify ensures the delivery of high-quality analyses and actionable insights. 

ISM members receive a 30 percent discount on Kloopify’s subscription services to improve their supply chain's sustainability performance and to operationalize sustainability. Built by and for procurement and supply chain practitioners, this tool provides visibility to sustainability impact data at the transaction level and tracks the overall progress of supplier sustainability. This alliance and exclusive offer for ISM’s members will enable a more proactive and strategic approach to sustainable sourcing.

Kloopify and ISM will partner on quarterly webinars on sustainability-related topics and contribute to sustainability content and education for the community.

“This alliance provides the ISM community the opportunity for data-driven sustainability insights and strategic decision-making,” said ISM Chief Product Officer, Susan Marty. “We’re excited to share a powerful resource with organizations to help address their sustainability goals, and in turn, advance ISM’s vision for a sustainable future.”

Kloopify’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Daniela Osio, is an award-winning supply chain professional who identified a problem in the profession and developed a solution to address it from the lens of procurement and supply chain.

According to ISM’s 2024 Sustainability Research report, 40 percent of organizations have sustainability tied to their company’s performance goals. Thought leadership as well as execution of sustainability measures is led by supply chain teams. However, the report notes that only 33 percent are collecting and reporting Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG data by the end of 2024. This data gap is a notable pain point and need, particularly for organizations impacted by global sustainability regulations.

“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with ISM. This collaboration is pivotal in advancing sustainable procurement practices on a global scale. ISM’s commitment to education and providing a solid foundation aligns perfectly with our mission to make sustainable procurement scalable. We firmly believe that technology, when combined with the right processes, training, and systems, yields tangible results,” said Osio.

To complement the Kloopify solution, ISM encourages organizations on a sustainability journey or those with specific goals to assess their talent and team leveraging ISM’s Sustainability Assessments. In tandem with Kloopify, these insights, along with ISM’s sustainability education, can empower procurement and supply chain teams with data-driven insights and resources.

“This partnership underscores the importance of integrating technology with comprehensive training and robust processes, laying the groundwork for impactful reductions in environmental footprint,” said Osio. “Together, we are not only driving sustainability forward, leveraging and  unlocking the potential for sustainable procurement to become a revenue-generating opportunity for businesses worldwide.”

Notably, Osio is a former ISM 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star and is a member of ISM’s Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Ethics Committee. Kloopify was awarded the 2023 ISM Supply Chain Trailblazer Award in the Procurement Solutions Provider Impact Category at the ISM Awards Gala on April 30, 2024.

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