ISM® Launches Associate Professional in Supply Management™ Certification for Students

January 18, 2023

APSM™ to Differentiate Students in Competitive Supply Chain Job Market

TEMPE, Ariz. (January 18, 2023) – Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®), the global leading supply chain management association, launched the Associate Professional in Supply Management™ (APSM™) certification. Ideal for those with one to two years left in their academic career, the APSM™ certification—which is valid for five years—is the first step toward achieving the globally recognized gold-standard Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) certification.

“The APSM is a significant step for students to take to signal their expertise and desire to become a supply chain management professional,” said ISM Chief Product Officer, Susan Marty. “This will also ensure young professionals continue to build their foundational knowledge to kickstart their careers.”

The APSM™ is for full-time student members of ISM and is an indicator for future employers of their foundational knowledge of core supply chain management competencies, in alignment with ISM’s Supply Chain Capability Model™. This certification increases a student’s competitiveness in the tight job market as well as future earning potential.

Earning an APSM™ certification requires individuals to take and pass the Supply Management Core Exam, the same first exam it takes to earn a CPSM® certification. Once an APSM™ is earned and individuals meet CPSM® requirements of at least three years of professional experience, they will only need to take and pass the remaining two CPSM® exams to earn a CPSM® certification. The exam covers the main segments of supply management and addresses today’s procurement and supply chain complexities, such as risk, strategic sourcing, technology, and increased skills needed to drive value within organizations.

“We’re excited to introduce this opportunity for students to hone their expertise and establish themselves as future high-performers in the profession,” said Marty.

The APSM™ certification is valid for five years and recertification is not an option. However, APSM™ certification holders can apply to become CPSM® certified within that five-year window. Students can leverage the APSM™ Learning System, a digital comprehensive self-study tool, to prepare for the APSM™ exam.

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