Institute for Supply Management Launches Advance™ Digital Skills Assessment Platform

March 16, 2022

Online assessments to measure individual capabilities and organizational maturity

TEMPE, Ariz. (March 16, 2022) – Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®), has launched its patent-pending Advance™ Digital Platform that delivers online talent capability and organizational maturity assessments. The talent assessments generate a complete picture of skill strengths and gaps that drive talent management strategy. The organizational assessments identify the maturity level of an organization and help create a roadmap to support long term strategies.

“Companies have a real need to measure the progress of their talent objectively and to invest in their talent. Advance does both,” said Thomas W. Derry, chief executive officer of ISM. “Executives I talk to understand that Advance is as much a career development tool for them as it is about measuring their team. This platform provides participants complete transparency into the performance expectations of the organization and empowers them to take control of their personal development.”

This new solution will house multiple assessments and provide organizations the opportunity to leverage professional benchmarks or set customized targets based upon internal expectations. Dashboards can be customized based on user roles and allow administrators, managers, and employees different views that are meaningful to each person. Reports help individuals and teams analyze the data by job role or other valuable data slices such as by competency or sub-competency, greatest strength or skill gap, or for individuals, teams, or across the organization.

Centralized assessments mean setup and launch can be accomplished quickly and individuals taking the assessment have a seamless experience. Results are available as soon as the assessment is complete; dashboards based on user roles give teams data and insights at their fingertips.

“ISM assessments provide a data-driven approach to help build effective teams and organizations, so talent and businesses thrive,” said Susan Marty, chief product officer at ISM. “Most importantly, they help develop a strategy that has the greatest impact on an organization’s success. The ISM assessments help them get where they want to go and connect organizational maturity with the talent.”

Talent data from Advance is often used to create individual development plans tied to organizational goals, talent plans, hiring strategy, building a company’s bench strength, and more. These views also allow leadership to glean insights into individual strengths to highlight top performers and create succession plans. 

Live demonstrations of the Advance platform are available. To register for a demonstration, visit