Author Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a story to share? Or, are you looking to provide a series walking your professional peers through a case study or research or innovation? We want to share your story with the professional community.

Inside Supply Management Magazine® is a leading supply chain publication that incorporates your stories. Learn about our author guidelines and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Guidelines for Writing Your Best Story

Think Differently

Institute for Supply Management's mission is to advance the profession of supply management. Inside of Supply Management is a channel to connect and educate. We look for topics that are thought provoking, provide different perspectives and ideas. Check out our education calendar to help inspire topic ideas.

Brainstorm with Us

Writing can take a lot of work. Our best advice is to contact us with your idea and let's discuss and flesh it out before you start writing. Our team of journalists and content developers can help guide and answer questions to help you optimize your time and complete a successful submission. Feel free to connect with us when you are ready to get started.

Think In Digital and In Print

In our brainstorming session, we can work with you to help generate ideas about what your article can be. However, it's always good to think ahead and know there are many possibilities when you account for both print and digital. Think about what items you can add to help tell the story or drive across your point (ex. photos, data charts, downloadable case studies, video)

It's All About Timing

Whether you brainstorm with us or submit immediately, it's all about timing and where your article might be published. We may have a near-term opening for our blog based on the timeliness of your topic and the availability. Or, there may be a bit of a wait to be incorporated in an upcoming issue. We will work with you to help provide timing and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Institute for Supply Management®’s publications?

  • Inside Supply Management® delivered 6 times annually in both print and digital.
  • Our Inside Supply Management® blog updated throughout each week featuring news and topics relating to supply management
  • A weekly digital newsletter, Inside Supply Management Weekly®, which features articles from ISM®’s blog

What are the article length requirements?

  • Most blog articles (articles that are published in our weekly e-newsletter) are 500-1100 words (but some have been longer).
  • Magazine articles typically range from 300-400 words for a one-page article (like the Voices page) to 900-1000 words for columns (like Insights and Competencies) to 1700-2800 words for a full-length feature.

Do you edit the articles before they are published?

  • Yes, after a guest-written article is turned into us, we edit it and get it back to the author(s) for review. After guest authors make changes/edits and get the article back to us, the article is copyedited and proofread.

Can my article be published in other publications?

  • Articles written for ISM publications cannot have been previously published or assigned elsewhere.
  • Guest authors must sign a standard author agreement prior to publication.

Can I provide other media to support my story?

  • Yes, if you are the rightful owner or have written permission to be able to use additional assets to help support your story in our print or digital magazine you can submit them. 
  • Examples of Media could include: Photos, audio or video files, graphics or charts or additional tools or information for the reader to download.

Can I earn CEH credits for writing an article?

  • Yes, authors can earn CEHs for published articles
  • You can earn from 1 to 7 CEHs for your article (1 CEH for blogs, Up to 7 CEHs for Issue Articles)
  • You are responsible for documenting in your recertification application

What other information do I need to include with my article?

  • Please include your (Author's) name, title, address, daytime telephone number, and ISM affiliation (if applicable). This is a requirement with each submission.
  • Byline includes your (Author's) name, title, organization (if applicable) and location