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Upcoming Supply Chain Webinars

  • January



    Member Only

    Industry 4.0 | Supply Chain Digitization

    The future has a funny way of becoming the present sooner than we think. In the Supply Management profession, we are undergoing a seismic rethink as we navigate the early 2020s. One thing is certain, our supply chain data is changing more frequently and growing more quickly than in the prior decade.

    Forward thinking leaders are left with two paths forward, hire more people or get more productive.

    Supply chain digitization of our offline data offers a glimmer of hope to take back control of our days and get more done. However, a deluge of new jargon from Industry 4.0 to AI has seemingly placed out of reach this information race for many. Fortunately, we are in the early legs of a long marathon that has yet to determine winners.

    In this webinar, we will demystify the buzz words and share practical proven actions you, your team and your suppliers can take to get more flow back into your day and win the future.

  • February



    This webinar provides knowledge regarding the many benefits that come with being a part of the ISM community. Join us and learn about the essential tools, vibrant community, and exceptional learning that enhances your professional development. You'll also gain insight into the array of programs, services, and resources that are available to you through your membership.

  • Anytime

    More and more professionals are talking about blockchain in supply chain.  It is a popular conversation and people are examining the capabilities of blockchain, what the benefits are of using this technology and how they can consider applying it within their organization.


Earn CEHs Toward Supply Management Recertification

Earn CEHs with each Member-Only Webinar you attend. Each webinar offers 1 CEH, with the opportunity to obtain 12 CEHs annually towards recertification.