About Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn


Mandy Flint

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  • Multi-Award-Winning Amazon Author on Leadership
  • Global Leadership and Culture Strategist
  • CEO, Excellence in Leadership


Mandy Flint is an international leadership and cultural change strategist. An expert on leadership impact, teams and cultural behavioral change. She is CEO of Excellence in Leadership and works across the world delivering transformational change programmes and C-suite coaching. Mandy studied at Harvard Business School and is a fellow of the London Metropolitan Business School. She is also an established speaker at leadership and cultural change events around the globe. Mandy worked as a senior leader for American Express internationally for 14 years.

Elisabet Vinberg Hearn


  • Multi-Award-Winning Amazon Author on Leadership
  • Co-Founded, Think Solutions
  • CEO, Katapult Partners


Elisabet Vinberg Hearn is an international expert on leadership impact, teams and people-first digital transformations, operating as leadership strategist, speaker and executive coach. She is co-founder of Think Solutions and CEO of Katapult Partners. Elisabet has an MBA in Leadership & Sustainability and has recently studied Sustainability Management at Cambridge University and AI strategy at MIT CSAIL.



Impactful Leadership

In this video, we talk Impactful Leadership with Mandy Flint and Elisabet Hearn, International Award-winning authors and Leadership Strategist. Their 3rd book, “The Leader’s Guide to Impact”, by Financial Times Publishing.

Mandy and Elisabet’s 3 Leadership Books Have Received a Total of 10 Business Book Awards