ISM World 2023 Charity: Clean the World | Recycling Soap. Saving Lives.

Announcing the ISM World 2023 charity partner, Clean the World.


CTW-logo-pms369.pngClean the World is a nonprofit organization that collects and recycles soap and other hygiene products discarded by the hospitality industry and distributes them to people in need around the world, with a particular focus on improving sanitation in impoverished communities. Founded in 2009,  Clean the World has since distributed millions of bars of soap to people in need in over 127 countries. Clean the World's mission is to prevent the spread of preventable diseases by promoting handwashing with soap and access to basic hygiene supplies.

ISM World 2023 attendees will have the opportunity at the conference to assemble hygiene kits for the Arlington Life Shelter, located in Arlington, Texas. The mission of Arlington Life Shelter is to support unhoused North Texans through providing shelter, employment programs and transitional services.

There will also be opportunities for ISM World 2023 attendees to participate in ISM’s Donation Challenge and make donations on site. A check will be presented at the closing general session and the total amount raised by our attendees will be announced.