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Principles of SSR

It is part of the mission of Institute for Supply Management® to foster and drive sustainability and social responsibility through the development and communication of principles and guidance, information and best practices. This course will present an overview of topics related to this mission and provide tools to empower supply professionals in their front-line roles to lead, drive and influence sustainability and social responsibility initiatives within the organization and throughout the entire supply chain. The course provides access for 60 days from the date of the purchase.

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1. Anti-corruption- Understand the importance of not tolerating corruption in any form.

2. Diversity & Inclusion-Promote diversity and inclusion throughout the organization and the supply chain.

3. Environment-Support environmental precaution, promote environmental responsibility and encourage environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

4. Ethics & Business Conduct-Behave ethically always and demand ethical conduct within the organization and throughout the supply chain.

5.Financial Integrity-Conduct all financial business dealings and decision-making with integrity.

6. Global Citizenship-Act (in person and virtually) for the benefit of all global citizens, locally and elsewhere, fulfilling ethical and moral obligations.

7.Health & Safety-Protect persons in the supply chain from the risk of injury, danger, failure, error, harm and/or loss of life.

8. Human Rights-Recognize and acknowledge that human beings have universal and natural rights and status regardless of legal jurisdiction and local factors.

9.Labor Rights-Respect, promote and protect an individual’s labor rights as defined by applicable international conventions.

10.  Supply Chain Sustainability-Support supplier development of more sustainable business practices, products and services and the embedding of sustainability throughout supply chains.

11. Transparency-Make available full and complete information necessary for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision-making. Require a corresponding level of transparency from suppliers and throughout the supply chain.

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