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Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Mgmt

As the supply management profession grows into a position of strategic influence, it is apparent that every action within the supply chain has consequences. Given that, supply management professionals have the opportunity and obligation to model and communicate ethical behavior across the entire supply chain. Managing the supply chain can be fraught with obstacles and challenges, this course is intended to provide guidance – a map, if you will – for supply management ethics. The course provides access for 60 days from the date of the purchase.

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1. Personal Behaviors- You will learn to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest, impropriety, reciprocity and issues of influence.

2. Leadership- You will learn the factors driving today’s supply management leader and how professional competence can positively impact you, your employer, peers and suppliers.

3. Regulatory Compliance & Standards- You will learn about the importance of adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and trade agreements, including the care and handling of confidential and proprietary information. You will also learn about promoting social responsibility and sustainability within your organization and throughout the supply chain.

4. Interactions with Others- You will learn that supply management involves responsibilities to the employer, as well as cultivating and sustaining effective, value-driven, and ethical supplier and customer relationships. 

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