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Risk, Compliance and Legal Factors

Global supply management is reaching new levels of complexity. Thus, failure to adhere to compliance and legal standards puts individuals and organizations at risk. This ISM supply management course will help you stay up to date as a supply management professional on the ever-evolving laws and regulations. Learn to develop robust processes and systems to ensure compliance is met and desired outcomes are achieved. The course provides access for 60 days from the date of the purchase.

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Course Objectives:

  1. Rationale Behind Compliance:
    • Understand the historical events that demonstrate how organizations are susceptible to illegal and immoral outcomes.
  2. Legal Issues Critical to Risk:
    • Comprehend how compliance and legal obligations are critical to risk management and mitigation.
  3. Global Scale Relative to Laws and Regulations:
    • Understand the various sources on a global scale that supply management must be engaged with and successfully navigate.
  4. Control Systems:
    • Understand that having solid control systems in place is a key to success.
  5. Record Retention Systems:
    • Learn how record retention must be factored into all transactions.

Who should attend:

Experienced professionals who want to refresh and update their skills. Also, any company employee who interacts with supply management and suppliers.

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