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Enhancing Negotiation Effectiveness

Effective negotiation drives winning for both sides. But research shows that buyers and suppliers do not achieve a contract’s full value during implementation or execution. Value is compromised due to differences in strategic- versus tactical-negotiation perspectives. In this ISM supply management negotiation course, learn strategies and understand them in a practical way through a case study. This negotiation class will provide you with new skills to enhance your negotiation effectiveness.

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Course Objectives:

  1. Global Research:
    • Understand benchmark data on contract value realized by the buyer (customer) and suppliers.
  2. Contrasting Perspectives on Negotiation:
    • View common characteristics of low performers vs high performers.
  3. A Model for Strategic Negotiation:
    • See the power of a principled-based, joint problem-solving negotiation approach.
  4. A Negotiation Competent Organization:
    • Learn what it takes to build a negotiation competent organization.
    • Measure negotiation success in four dimensions.
  5. Case Study:
    • Learn how a high technology company strategically aligned with a sole source supplier to gain advantage.

Who should attend:

Experienced professionals who want to refresh and update their skills. Also, any company employee who interacts with supply management and suppliers.

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