Prepare for the Future of Supply Management

Are you ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Plan now to take these three new self-paced courses, developed specifically for experienced supply professionals such as yourself. Rapid changes due to technological advancements are transforming the role of supply managers and ISM is here to help you prepare with these courses designed to increase your skills in systems capability and technology.

Emerging technologies and automation are being developed to help solve future supply chain challenges, and participants will explore the array of systems designed to provide solutions. Additionally, the understanding of financial and operational impacts resulting from cybersecurity issues will allow you to implement business processes and policies with a systemic approach that can protect your organization now and in the future. Sign up below to be notified when the classes are available.


Technology Eco-System for Supply Management – Available Now

Supply management complexities continue to grow and professionals are leveraging technology to provide solutions. New applications continue to evolve at a very fast rate making it difficult to understand.  Organizations must strive to automate tactical roles in order to solve strategic problems. Gain insight to transformation tool and success stories. 

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The Future of Logistics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Available Now

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key technology in enabling success.  Visibility, transparency and predictability options are being used by some of the biggest companies in the world.  Learn how your company can begin or accelerate the use of such advancements.

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Cybersecurity in Supply Management – Available Now

Technology and system integration continue to drive a more effective supply chain.  But cybersecurity is a critical factor in success.  Confidential information has been exposed, exploited and illegally used.  Supply management can implement frameworks, processes and solutions that minimize risk. Between routine training, audits and emerging technologies,  businesses and supply chains can remain secure.

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