Sponsors/Exhibitors Informational Webinar: ISM World 2023


As a valued supplier, our attendees need and want to learn about your solutions!

As heard from the voices of the profession and our members, let’s stop talking about the pandemic! A “new normal” is here, where the one constant is change.  So, how do you rise above the noise?


Think strategically. Be healthy. Remember the fundamentals but be innovative in how to apply these skills. 

Join us at ISM World 2023, where we bring suppliers and attendees into the most innovative, inclusive event, designed to keep you and the audience together, networking, educating, sharing challenges and solutions.  With over 13 hours of high traffic and 19 hours of total exhibit time, you will be in-front of a highly engaged audience of supply management professionals.

Let’s discuss how you can be a part of ISM World 2023; build your brand and grow your audience with unique sponsor and exhibitor opportunities. 



Sign up to watch our webinar by ISM's top experts. Think of wellness pavilions, badges, lanyards, exclusive invitation dinners, title sponsorship of key sessions, progressive cocktail party and much more.

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Content Highlights Include:

General Sessions​

  • Opening Keynote “Special Guest”​
  • Shipman Medal Winner and Panel – Best in the Profession​​
  • Closing – To Be Announced (February)​


  • Breakouts (Reshoring to Leadership and Research to Tailspend)​​
  • Insights Stage​​
  • ExecIn (Invitation Only)​​


  • Networking Lounges​
  • Breakfast and Lunches (all attendees)​
  • Welcome Party​
  • Progressive Cocktail Party​
  • Closing Party​
  • Mobile App + Conference Game​


  • Awards Gala​
  • Shipman Medal Presentation​
  • Richter Scholarship Dinner (20-year anniversary)​​